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Women With a Higher Purpose

Women With a Higher Purpose

Women With a Higher Purpose 1906 1072 Ken Miller

The air buzzed with excitement as the morning sun rose over Leoni Meadows. Over 500 women had gathered at the annual Hispanic Women’s Ministry retreat, creating a sense of anticipation and camaraderie.

Paul Guevara, NCC Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries, looked out at the crowd with pride. “Never has there been a reunion as big as this in the last 20 years,” he exclaimed, addressing the sea of smiling faces.

The event’s theme, “Belleza Entre Las Cenizas” (Beauty Among the Ashes), beautifully mirrored the surrounding landscape. Around Leoni Meadows, grass, flowers, and small trees were beginning to sprout from the land, a visual symbol of renewal and growth. Lisa Marsh, the Women’s Ministry Director of NCC, passionately shared her vision of uniting women in our churches to reach women in Northern California communities. This vision resonated deeply with the attendees.

Florinda Guevara, organizer, and volunteer director of the Hispanic Women’s Ministries, has tirelessly worked with her team on their strategic plan to engage, train, support, and empower women leaders at the church level. One key component of her plan was the NAD Women’s Ministry Leadership Certification.

At this year’s event, they celebrated the hard work and dedication of 8 women who completed all four levels to earn their certification. One recipient, her eyes gleaming with pride, shared her experience. “I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about effective leadership principles, communication and conflict resolution, problem-solving and decision making, visioning and goal setting, mentorship and counseling, running small group ministries, and practical strategies to reclaim lost members,” she said. “I am thrilled to contribute to my church’s efforts in reaching out to the women in my neighborhood.”

When asked about the attendance, Florinda shared, “About half of these women are non-Adventist or not members of our churches. They have been warmly invited by a church member to be here. Witnessing the Holy Spirit’s work in our community is a true blessing and a testament to the power of unity and outreach.”

The event had historic attendance, driven by a clear purpose to connect women to an abundant life with Jesus and a reliance on the Holy Spirit by newly trained women leaders. Florinda quoted Ellen G. White: “There is a higher purpose for woman, a grander destiny. She should develop and cultivate her powers, for God can employ them in the great work of saving souls from eternal ruin” (Evangelism p. 465).

Featured in Northern Lights, May 9, 2024