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Hispanic Ministries

Stockton Central Hits The Streets

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Stockton Central engages its community with compassion with many community-relevant service projects.

For nine years, the “Homeless Feeding Team” has faithfully provided meals to thousands of unhoused residents in Stockton. Twice a year, they collect food from members and work in partnership with a local food bank. Then on a Sabbath, they feed many grateful people.

Another team in the church operates The “Community Service Ministry”. Once a month, they open the church gates and gym doors to give away supplies to the surrounding community. According to David Salcido, church member, “Depending on the season, weather or holiday, 50-70 customers per day is normal.”

Salcido continued, “You don’t always receive a lot of thanks in this ministry. But, that one special person will thank you from the bottom of their heart because you have filled a real need, and that makes it all worth it.”

Featured in Northern Lights, January 5, 2023

A Journey That Began During The Pandemic

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October was a busy month at the Sacramento Spanish church. Twenty-eight people gave their lives to the Lord in baptism.

According to Jaime Calvo, district pastor of Sacramento Spanish, North Highlands Spanish, and Woodland Spanish churches, “There is one more person who wants to give his soul to the Lord, and we are excited for that day as well!”

Since the pandemic, the church has been preparing for this reaping moment. With an interconnecting system, Calvo calls EMI or Every Member Involved, which prepares the church membership for evangelism outreach.

The church created small groups, learned to give bible studies, and prayed. Calvo explains, “We created a network where members take responsibility for new members, creating a spiritual home that is contagiously kind and community-relevant.”

Calvo said, “It has been a privilege to work with church leaders and church members that have real compassion for people, showing that they have experienced the love of Christ. Through all of this, I have seen a real transformation in our church body, and it is wonderful to see the results.”

Featured in Northern Lights November 3, 2022

Twelve People Baptized After Hybrid-style Evangelistic Meetings

Twelve People Baptized After Hybrid-style Evangelistic Meetings 4032 3024 Julie Lorenz
In December, 12 people were baptized during a week-long series of reaping meetings held at the Fairfield Suisun Spanish church and live-streamed to the Vallejo Spanish company. The evangelist was Alberto Ingleton, assistant to the president for Hispanic ministries at the Pacific Union Conference.
“Even in the midst of a pandemic, the Church moves forward, and the Holy Spirit keeps adding people into the Kingdom,” said Paul Guevara, pastor of both congregations.
At each site, members interacted with attendees, presenting gifts and providing refreshments.
Before the series, interested people participated in Bible studies via Zoom. “The members worked together, preparing the field for the meetings,” said Guevara. “As a result, we had excellent attendance at both churches.”
The meetings were also broadcast on Facebook. You can watch them. Click here and scroll down: https://www.facebook.com/Vallejo-Spanish-SDA-Church-106153977694144

Weekend of Revival and Evangelism

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The Hispanic congregations of Oakland, San Leandro, and Richmond celebrated a weekend of revival and evangelism, titled “Filled with the Holy Spirit,” at Golden Gate Academy. The event, held in the fall, was preceded by 40 days of fasting and prayer.
The guest speaker was evangelist Robert Costa, and the guest singer was Mónica Ospina, who came from Colombia for the event. About 400 people attended from the three churches.
During the weekend, the charter members of the new missional church plant, Buena Tierra, were dedicated (pictured). Also, several people were baptized!!!
The congregations are led by Senior Pastor Luis F. Manrique and Associate Pastor Pedro Rosillo.

Buena Tierra: Missional Church Plant

Buena Tierra: Missional Church Plant 720 540 Julie Lorenz
On Christmas afternoon, Buena Tierra—the latest NCC missional church plant—was officially inaugurated in Oakland. The new group of 39 members is the fourth congregation in a district led by Pastors Luis F. Manrique and Pedro Rosillo. Buena Tierra is a “daughter” group of the Oakland Spanish church.
Nearly 200 members from the district attended the combined inauguration and Christmas program, held at the congregation’s rented church facility on 81st Avenue. Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Roman Leal challenged the new group to bring the gospel to the local area, which has the largest Hispanic population in the city.
The service included an inspiring concert by singer Dani Ferras. Cesar Perdomo, an evangelist from Colombia, offered the prayer of dedication. Afterward, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner, and children received gifts. A local family attended the service and expressed an interest in starting to study the Bible.
Missional church plants are designed to multiply! “I look to the future and see Buena Tierra producing new fruits and planting new churches in and around Oakland until Christ comes,” said Manrique.

Hispanic Church Evangelism Exchange

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Recently, Hispanic pastors in the NCC and the Nevada-Utah Conference (NUC) participated in an evangelism exchange, which continues to impact lives.

In September, NCC pastors held week-long evangelistic meetings in eight NUC churches, and earlier this month, NUC pastors held meetings at the Fairfield, Hayward, Oakland, Richmond, Stockton, Vallejo, and Woodland Spanish churches. (One NUC pastor was unable to come, so Executive Secretary Jose Marin preached the series at the Lodi Spanish church.)

“The evangelistic exchange has borne fruit in a number of ways: 17 baptisms, 60 people who decided to take Bible studies, eight churches in each conference involved, and 16 pastors who have preached the gospel with power,” said Benjamín Carballo, NUC Hispanic ministries coordinator. “In addition, friendships formed between the pastors, and they had the opportunity to meet churches in a sister conference.”

The exchange was the idea of Alberto Ingleton, vice president for Hispanic ministries at the Pacific Union, which provided resources. Other conferences in the union are doing their own exchanges. “I think the idea is wonderful,” said Roman Leal, NCC Hispanic ministries coordinator. “During these difficult times, an exchange encourages the pastors, invigorates the church members, and helps more people become interested in the Good News.”

“We pray that God will continue to bless the evangelistic efforts of both conferences,” said Carballo.

Photo Caption: (Top) NCC Pastor Luís Fernando Manrique preaches in the Nueva Esperanza church in West Jordan, Utah. (Bottom) NUC Pastor Elias Juarez preaches in the Stockton Spanish church.