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Communication and Development
We communicate and support the positive impact of ministry to strengthen relationships so that the community sees Christ.

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We support the work of the NCC administration, ministries, churches, and schools through honest, clear, and thorough communication – internally within the conference and externally with the public.

We promote the work of the conference, mitigate crises, inform, engage, and inspire through a variety of communication channels.

We strive to understand our audiences in order to effectively articulate a consistent and clear message for increased support, transparency, and trust.


We create a culture of trust, respect, transparency, and mutually beneficial collaborations between the conference office, churches, schools, and other ministries with the purpose of increased financial support and funding.

We develop external and synergetic partnership with local and state governments, community groups, affinity associations, and other non-profits – both Adventist and non-Adventist.

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  • Provide General Information

    Under which category does the occurrence happen?

    • Engage your calling to Ministry
    • Engage your community with Compassion
    • Engage in church planting
    • If other, please specify clearly and concisely

    Provide Occurrence information (heading)

    What is the name, date, organizer of the occurrence?

    What is some important statistical information that shows impact?

    How is the occurrence relevant to the organizer?

    What happened? Explain in 500 words or less.

    Provide three pictures

    • Smiling, looking at the camera
    • Working at their job, focused in
    • Working at their job from a distance.
    • Provide at least one person or quote. (Heading)
    • It is better to have the organizer, a participant, and a beneficiary quotes.

    Provide contact information:
    Name, phone number and email address for follow up questions

    Send submission via email to: media@nccsda.com



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Associate Director
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