• Connecting people to an abundant life with Jesus Christ and preparing them for His return

Prison Ministries
We support, equip, and train volunteers in their mission to transform the lives of those who are incarcerated by sharing the liberating Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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About Us

We have seen the dynamic effects of the word of God on the lives of men and women everywhere. It is our mission to assist the local church in facilitating prison ministries for the Northern California Conference.

We believe the present-day events are indicators of our Lord’s soon return. The urgency of the times compels us to take this gospel into the entire world. That commission includes men and women who are spiritually, mentally, and physically incarcerated.

How to Serve this Community

The NCC Prison Ministry Department seeks individuals who are passionate about serving this overlooked community. It offers opportunities for involvement, such as letter writing, supporting local families, and ministering within correctional facilities.

Announcements & Sign Up

Sign Up: We are looking for individuals interested in partnering with us to serve this important community.

Email: prisonministriesvolunteer@nccsda.com

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