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Special Issue - Introducing the Membership Assistance Fund

May 21, 2020 - Listen to an audio version.

May 14, 2020 - Listen to an audio version.

Special Issue - Report on recent Executive Committee meeting

May 7, 2020 - Listen to an audio version.

NCC Office New

NCC Office Closure

To protect the health of employees, church members, and the greater community, the Northern California Conference office is closed until further notice. However, employees will continue to work remotely. Click here for a list of NCC departments, employees, and the email address format. If you need assistance, the department directors will be available through email. If you are not sure who to connect with, email info@nccsda.com, and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate department director.

The Adventist Book Center is open during its regularly scheduled hours, until further notice.

NCC Churches Closure/Reopening - A Message from the NCC President

Certainly, many of you have been watching the news and all that is being said about churches and reopening. Our aim as a conference is to glorify God by being good stewards of our health, caring for our neighbors, and showing appropriate respect to state and local authorities. To those ends, our goal is to have no COVID-19 breakouts associated with a Northern California Conference church. We ask that you partner with us as we seek the protection of our churches.

We are working diligently with our pastors and church leaders to develop and issue guidelines that will assist in the church reopening process. Hopefully, these guidelines will be of assistance when state and local authorities allow our churches to reopen.

We realize that all are desirous of safely opening our churches as soon as possible. The Northern California Conference expects that all churches, schools, and ministries should comply with the guidance of state and local authorities in responding to the COVID-19 virus. In California, reopening churches is still part of Stage 3. At this time, many counties have asked and been granted permission to move forward to reopen Stage 2 businesses.

Please continue to pray with us as we daily seek God's guidance and wisdom during this challenging health crisis.

Marc K. Woodson

Membership Assistance Fund

“We recognize the severe economic impact that COVID-19 has had on our church members’ lives,” said Northern California Conference President Marc Woodson. “Members have been unable to work for several months and struggle to pay for housing, food, bills, gas, and other expenses.”

In response to the high number of church members in financial difficulty, the NCC administrative team recently established the Membership Assistance Fund. “We want to help our brothers and sisters in Christ as much as we can,” said Woodson. “We can’t remove their burden, but we can come alongside them and help carry it by offering some financial support.”

The Membership Assistance Fund will be completely supported by donations. The initial goal is to assist 200 NCC family households with up to $100 each – to be used for their greatest need.

Read more about the fund, and find a link to make a donation at nccsda.com/membership-assistance-fund


NCC Events Canceled or Postponed

Click here for more information regarding the current public health crisis.

Looking for interesting and wholesome activities for your kids during this time at home? Check out our list of very helpful resources for kids.

Our Vision is to be among the most productive, effective and spiritually dynamic conferences in the North American Division by:
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