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Women’s Ministries Active After COVID

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Various NCC Women’s Ministry leaders engaged their call to ministry by putting 1 Thessalonians 5:11 into practice: “Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing.”

According to Angela Fusilier, director of women’s ministries, this appeal in Thessalonians has been the forefront message in several recent events:

The Encuentro de Mujeres Cristianas at Golden Gate Academy. Through inspiring stories and seminars over three-hundred ladies connected and learned about resilience, and rebuilding their faith and life, trusting in God, regardless of vexing life events.

The Southgate Church Women’s Spiritual Retreat encouraged the fellowship of women from the Sacramento area churches. One attendee explained, “Through fellowship and prayer, I regained a sense of hope for the future.”

The Granite Bay Women’s ministry team sent birthday acknowledgments and hosted baby showers for the local church body.

This type of engagement has united the women along with continual prayer. Fusilier concluded, “Our Women’s Ministry events provided opportunities to study God’s Word and to support each other.”

Featured in Northern Lights • May 12, 2022

Women’s Ministries Coordinator Angela Fusilier

Women’s Ministries Coordinator Angela Fusilier 504 384 Julie Lorenz

Angela Fusilier is the new women’s ministries coordinator for the Northern California Conference.  A Sacramento Capitol City church member, she has been active in ministry for decades.
“We are very happy Angela has joined our NCC team,” said President Marc Woodson. “She has a real calling for ministry to women, and I know her leadership will be much appreciated.”
A native of Ohio, Fusilier served as  lifestyle facilitator in the medical missionary work at the New Life Health Institute of Ashtabula, Ohio, before moving to California to serve as lifestyle facilitator at Weimar Health Institute. She earned her Master of Social Work from California State University, Sacramento, and currently serves as a social worker for Sacramento County.
Fusilier was one of the founders of the Rites of Passage Youth Program, Young Ladies’ and Men’s Ministry, at the Capitol City church. She was recently the enditnow (abuse prevention) representative for NCC women’s ministries. “I want to create and provide safe spaces for women within the church culture,” she said.
As she begins her new role, one of her goals is to foster ministry to women at the local level. “I want to focus on mining the resources in our various churches and communities,” she said. “There is a component for women’s ministries in every church—even if it’s not formally developed.”
Fusilier has a passion for communicating the gospel. “I delight to share with others the abundant grace God has generously poured into my life,” she said. “I have overcome multiple challenges of addiction, abuse, despair, and depression, but I have personally witnessed the deliverance by an almighty God, who has redirected my life to a greater path.”
She is eager to get started in her new position. “I look forward to working with the NCC Women’s Ministries Advisory Council, including my assistant coordinator Janice Nelson,” she said.
Health and fitness are important to Fusilier, an avid downhill skier who also loves water sports.  She has been married for 22 years to Erick Fusilier, an elder at the Capitol City church.
Her life verse is Hebrews 2:11: “Both the one who makes people holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters” (NIV).“This is such a life-giving statement,” Fusilier said. “The God of the universe is not ashamed to call me His family—His sister. It has become my desire to motivate and empower others to walk in the fullness of life provided by the Savior of all, Christ the Lord!”