Adventurer Ministries are organized by local churches for families with children ages 4 to 9. Adventurer Ministries get support and training for their programs from the Family Ministries Department. Additionally, there are three conference wide events each year, a Family Fun Weekend and Bike Derby in the fall, and Fun Day in the spring, for all NCC clubs to participate in. Check out more information on the Bike Derby, Fun Day and Family Fun Weekend on the links below.



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All uniform, and classwork supplies as well as NAD award patches are at AdventSource.

Important Forms

Background Checks
All Adventurer staff must be background checked every three years. This is through the program Sterling Volunteers. Visit the Risk Management department page for more information about this program.

Adventurer Medical Consent


April 19, 2020 Lawrence Hall of Science
Fun Day is held annually on the third Sunday in April unless that falls on Easter and then it is the fourth Sunday. It is intended to incorporate fun as well as learning, such as going to a zoo or children's museum. Specifics such as cost and time vary from year to year but the goal is to make it affordable and accessible to every Adventurer Club. Adventurers and staff get a patch for the day and may, depending on what the activity is, earn an award as well. The annual NCC Adventurer Pin is handed out this day.

October 18, 2020
The Bike Derby is held at Sacramento Adventist Academy each year the third week in October. Adventurers have a chance to earn Awards in Road Safety and Cyclist. Eager Beavers earn Beginning Biking, and Little Lambs earn Trikes and Bikes. Adventurers learn to take care of their bikes as well as bike safety.

September 11, 2021 - UPDATED LOCATION AND DATE

This event is held each year in association with NCC Pathfinders. It is a training event for Adventurer Club Leaders as well as inspirational and an excellent opportunity for networking with other Adventurer Club Leaders. Churches may pay for their leaders to attend this event. Cost varies depending on lodging choices. 

One of the beliefs of the Adventurer Ministry is that families are important, and spending time together is important to families. This annual event provides families who are part of an NCC Adventurer Ministry with an entire weekend of activities to build family relationships. All of the activities are designed to get families working and learning together about their God, their world, and themselves. The theme this year is Polar Exploration and resources are online. Click here to download the Polar Exploration Activities pdf. Click here to watch a video introduction to Polar Exploration.


The annual Adventurer Pin is created from a drawing done by a child who is a member of a registered NCC Adventurer Club. The winner has their beautiful design made into a pin that will be given to all the Adventurers on Fun Day, and wins $25 besides. Each Club submits their drawings to the NCC Adventurer Team. A winner is chosen, production begins, and the pins are ready to share on Fun Day. This year's theme is Love Your Neighbor. The theme correlates with the initiatives and vision of the Northern California Conference.


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Efrain Espinoza
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  •  Advanced Astronomer: Some of the requirements in this award review the NAD Astronomy Award but there are also new things for young (Advanced) Astronomers to learn.
  •  Adventure for Christ:An award to recognize good attendance and citizenship in Adventurers. This award can be used each year by adding a different colored star to the patch.
  • Artic Animals: Learn a little about creatures in a climate very different than ours
  • Attracting Back Yard Birds: God created so many beautiful things for us to enjoy, birds among them. This award will teach Adventurers how to attract birds to their yard so they can enjoy watching them every day.
  • Bats: Fun activities to learn to appreciate those often maligned creatures of the night!
  • Being a Family In Bible Times: An award that allows Adventurer families to discover what life was like in Jesus’ day. This award works great for a camp-in weekend.
  • Bottle Rockets: Learn about rockets and how to make your own out of a soda bottle!
  • Bubble FunThis award combines a whole lot of fun with learning about shapes and how many ways you can make bubbles.
  • Camping: Is there anything more fun than a camping trip to the backyard or a state park?  Add to the fun with this award.
  • Camping 2:  Your Adventurer will help you more in the planning and fun with this more advanced camping award.
  • Caroling: Caroling is a great way for Adventurers to share some joy around Christmas. Why not take it a step further and earn an award while you are at it?
  • Chemistry: Little experiments, and lots of fun discovering what happens when you mix things up.
  • Chess: Learn the basics of how to play Chess.
  • Crawling CrabsYou don't have to be at the coast to have fun with this award.
  • Cupcakes and More: An award to be creative decorating and to learn to share.
  • Do Unto Others: An Award to help you have empathy by simulating circumstances of someone with a disability.
  • Down on the Farm: Where does food come from? Do clothes appear in the store ready-made? How does God expect us to care for the earth?
  • Fun with Building: Who doesn’t love building things? There are so many products available to build with! Find out what your friends like to build with then build a few things together.
  • Geneology: A very basic study of a family history.
  • He is Risen The Easter Story in the Bible – Matthew 28:1-10.
  • Hatching and Care of Baby Chicks: A good award for spring when chicks are all around.
  • Heaven, the Final Frontier: Our solar system is amazing but it is only a small part of our journey to Heaven.
  • Horse Care and Grooming: Designed for older Adventurers, this award gives the opportunity to care for horses and ponies.
  • International Study: A study of countries; traditions, foods, flags, languages and more.
  •  Journey Home - A Migration Study: A study about the migration of species.
  •  Lego CreationsHere is your chance to learn and play at the same time. (That's what Adventurer's is all about!)
  • Lend a Helping Hand: Treating people with respect and kindness.
  • Leoni Meadows Train History: The wonderful train we enjoy at Leoni now is not the first one. This award teaches some basic train history as well as information about the original Leoni train. A great award for your whole church to work on at a weekend at Leoni.
  • Marine Mammal: A great award to earn at the shore or in a classroom.
  • Native American Study: Learning about Native Americans from four regions of the country.
  • Nature A to Z: Playing games to learn about nature
  • NCC Initiatives: Understanding the new NCC Initiatives will help your Adventurers know their community better and get involved in their church.
  • Observing Forests: Learn about the forests near you. Who lives in them? How do they change with the seasons?
  • Orienteering: Hey, where am I? Help in finding your way.
  • Origami Towel Creations: Learn about the art of Towel Origami.
  • Our Amazing Body: What a wonderful God we have to create us with such amazing bodies. A very fun study to find out what we are capable of.
  • Our Amazing Brain: Our brain is incredibly complex. This award starts Adventurers learning just a few fun facts.
  • Our Amazing Solar System: A brief look at our solar system.
  • Pandas: A very cute animal to learn about while learning about taking care of endangered animals as well.
  • Paper Making: Kind of messy but a load of fun.
  • Penguins: You don't have to wait until National Penguin Awareness Day (January 20) to learn about these fun creatures.
  • Pioneering: Understand and learn what life was like for the pioneers.
  • Ponies and Horses: A very basic study of ponies and horses.  What are the differences and how do you care for them?  Let's go for a ride!
  • Ponies and Horses 2:  This award takes you farther along in your study as you learn more about care needed for ponies and horses and some riding skills.
  •  Power Down: Turn off the computer, TV, and hand held games to have some good ‘old fashioned’ fun.
  • Quilting: A small project to learn the basics of quilting.
  • Recycling: Adventurers recycle as well as learn about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • Redwoods - Ancient Giants: You don’t have to be in a Redwood forest to learn about these wonderful old trees.
  • Road Safety: Little Lamb level award of basic safety.
  • Safari Adventure : A basic study of Rain Forests and Grasslands.
  • Safety Specialist - Earthquake: Basics of understanding about earthquakes and learning safety involved.
  • Salmon, The Journey Home: A great award to learn about Salmon’s incredible journey.
  • Savvy Stewards: Stewardship is more than returning tithe. What is involved in being a Good Steward?
  • Scrapbooking: A small project to learn the basics of scrap-booking.
  • Seven Amazing Days: An award to learn about the days of creation.
  • Soap Making: Small projects to learn the basics of soap-making.
  • Space Travel: An award to learn about space travel here on earth and our travel to Heaven.
  • Spider: This “creepy” creature is great fun to learn about.
  • Survey of the American Desert: A look into the flora and fauna that live in the harsh climate of a desert.
  • The Floating Basket: There are so many fun stories about Moses, a great Man of God. In this award learn how God led in his life right from the beginning.
  • The Season for Giving: An award to learn about the joy of giving at Christmas.
  • Tide Pools: This award can be taught in a classroom as well as at a tide pool.
  • Trucks Cranes and Bulldozers : An award about how things get built.
  • Under the Sea: You don't have to have a dive suit on to explore under the sea.
  • United States Flag: Flag etiquette and lore.
  • Visiting the Zoo : Learn zoo etiquette before a visit to a zoo.
  • Water: There isn't much that is more basic than water, but there are fun things to learn even about water.
  • Weather: An award to help kids learn about weather.
  • When the Leaves Start to Change: An Award about all things Fall and about being Thankful.

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