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A Commitment to Community Relevance

A Commitment to Community Relevance

A Commitment to Community Relevance 2000 1125 Ken Miller

The Willits Church is committed to remaining relevant to its community by engaging in personal and interactive initiatives that offer valuable service to those around them.

The church runs two ministries that extend compassion beyond its walls, namely the farmer’s market which offers visitors free clothes, food, and spiritual literature, sparking conversations about faith and life.

The Willits Men’s Prayer Breakfast promotes fellowship among men from diverse backgrounds and faiths. Through shared prayers and testimonies of faith, they foster unity and support.

Recently, Ben Capps was baptized, marking a significant milestone in his spiritual journey. His newfound commitment to Jesus Christ was nurtured through Bible studies and supportive interactions with his fellow church members, reflecting the church’s focus on personal transformation and faith development.

The dedication and mentorship offered by the church members demonstrate their outreach ethos. They embody Christ’s love through service and fellowship, and together, they reflect a commitment to unity, compassion, and spiritual growth in the local community of Willits.

Featured in Northern Lights, May 2, 2024