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Risk Management
We help safeguard churches, schools, and other ministries by mitigating the risk of loss on many levels, not only the physical assets God has made us stewards of, but our most precious assets – people.

Jeffrey Maxwell

Risk Management Director
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Administrative Assistant
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Risk Management

Helping You Navigate Through Awareness and Assessment

Risk Management’s Ministry:

The ministry of NCC’s Risk Management Department is to help safeguard NCC churches, schools, and other ministries by mitigating risk of loss on many levels with not only the physical assets God has made us stewards of, but our most precious assets–people.

CORONAVIRUS: Download ARM’s response to the Coronavirus COVID-19  (background, travel insurance implications, and prevention)

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Safety Links

Resources for loss prevention during church activities and on location.

Educational Institutions
The education of children is an important undertaking that can be negatively impacted following an accident or other loss. These resources are provided to prevent: injuries, property damage and other losses at educational institutions.

Christian camps can be a fun place for children to participate in new and exciting activities and learn more about Jesus in the beauty of nature. Enter here for resources intended to help keep the camp experience a happy and safe one for campers, workers, and volunteers alike.


Adventist Risk Management

ARM has provided a website with extensive resources for your church, school, or other entity for many prevention topics such as disaster planning, people and asset protection, travel and mission trips, cybersecurity, safety officer information, risk control plans, and more through a host of media such as webinars, videos, articles, and other publications. Visit the Adventist Risk Management website today to see what is available. Below you will find some highlights of those resources along with other pertinent information.

2021 North American Division Risk Management Initiatives
Our insurance provider is Adventist Risk Managment. They have resources that will help all managers, and entities.