Gold School Safety Award

NCC Gold School Safety Award

Any school who has received this seal and award, you can rest assured demonstrates excelling and above-and-beyond standards of safety. This school is the model for school safety. This school not only fulfills the requirements for the school safety award but demonstrates an ongoing consistency in preemptive approach to safety excellence, going beyond the normal call of duty.

This is awarded on an annual basis. The deadline for the school safety award of June 28 must be met and will allow you to be put on the radar. The NCC Safety Committee will then meet to discuss nominees for this award. Winners will receive a nice plaque that can be put in the lobby, along with absolutely free driver checks through Verified Volunteers for the current year, all along with a seal that can be put on the website and media just like with the school safety award. And furthermore, with these accolades, the winners will be announced in the PUC Recorder, NCC Northern Lights, and NCC Risk Mangement's quarterly newsletter. Talk about some great selling points!

Schools - How to Apply:

Along with emailing the info for the school safety award, please attach a description as to why your school merits receiving this award. What "extra-curricular" activities in safety does your school perform (i.e. anti-bullying training)? In which ways does your school go above-and-beyond the call of duty to make sure your school is the safest possible, most especially for the children?