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Child Abuse Prevention/Mandated Reporting
We help safeguard churches, schools, and other ministries by mitigating the risk of loss on many levels, not only the physical assets God has made us stewards of, but our most precious assets – people.

Child Abuse Prevention/Mandated Reporting

End It Now Summit on Abuse 2018Excellent!
If you would like to know the NAD/ARM’s policies and statistics on child abuse along with some insights as to those who experienced it first hand, I would highly recommend watching this!

Guidelines for Volunteers
Child abuse prevention begins with the selection of workers who have been systematically screened and approved before being allowed to serve in a ministry involving children.

Child Abuse Prevention/Response Handbook
A safe and secure environment includes a formal, written policy to help prevent child abuse.  Definitions of child abuse according to the California Child Abuse Reporting Act are included in this handbook, as well as what it is not. While there are specific legal requirements for reporting suspected child abuse that must be followed, dealing with suspected child abuse within a congregation requires additional steps in order to protect other children within our churches and promote healing and restoration within a congregation traumatized by the occurrence of abuse.

When there is reasonable suspicion that a minor is a victim of child abuse, it must first be reported to child Protective Services (CPS) by telephone, followed by a written report within 36 hours. This is a legal mandate for all pastors and other leaders in the State of California.

This is an issue no church or organized body wants to deal with but is forced to deal with on occasion. Daily, churches are forced to find the proper balance between welcoming all sinners who have reportedly turned from their sins and protecting its members, especially the youngest of them. Please note, however, that in this world some actions carry lifelong consequences. If your church is deciding on how to proceed with accepting a registered or alleged sex offender into your congregation, please contact the Risk Management Department immediately.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Each State has a system to receive and respond to reports of possible child abuse and neglect. Professionals and concerned citizens can call statewide hotlines, local child protective services, or law enforcement agencies to share their concerns.

Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training for California
The Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training California website team worked with the California Department of Social Services and the California Department of Education to develop a new online training for educators. This is a stand alone training that does not require the General Training to be taken first. Visit this website for more information and free online training.

Child Protection Plan
Church should be a safe place to bring our children. Everyone involved with children who are minors must meet all Church and legal standards and requirements. Churches need to be prepared. It is the desire of the Northern California Conference that each congregation be known as a loving body of Christians through the implementation of this child abuse prevention policy. For more information, please visit How to Recognize and Prevent Child Abuse

Mandated Reporter
The mandated reporter must only have reasonable suspicion that a child has been mistreated; no evidence or proof is required prior to making a report. The case will be further investigated by law enforcement and/or child welfare services.