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Risk Management
We help safeguard churches, schools, and other ministries by mitigating the risk of loss on many levels, not only the physical assets God has made us stewards of, but our most precious assets – people.

Church Safety OfficerClick here for a description of responsibilities.

Wildfire Best PracticesClick here for an instructional guide on best practices for protecting your properties from wildfires.

Heat Illness Prevention – Summer is here and extra precautions are needed to make sure nobody suffers heat illness. One of the top CALOSHA violations is not having a heat illness prevention plan in place. Please read and print and post the following materials especially if your organization has anyone who does any type of labor outside:

Workplace SafetyNews – HEAT SAFETY
Heat poster_english_const

Active Shooter – With the recent public and church mass shootings, find out what your church can do in the case of an active shooter and how to prepare with emergency drills!

15-Passenger Van Use Disallowance! Did you know that it is dangerous to utilize 15-passenger vans? If you or your organization are using them, now is the time to stop! The North American Division has issued a warning concerning the use of 15-passenger vans in and outside the U.S., and that “all denominational organizations shall not purchase, lease, rent, or use 15-passenger vans or modified 15-passenger vans for sponsored activities under any circumstances.” (S 60 31 (GC 30-3) Vehicle Insurance). By design, 15-passenger vans are not balanced and are prone to tipping over and have led to million of dollars in claims and lives lost. For more information, please read the following links:

Why shouldn’t we use 15-passenger vans?
15-Passenger Vans: Dangerous and Deadly
Camionetas Para 15-Pasajeros: Peligrosas y Mortales
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Report on 15-Passenger Vans
Protect Your Ministry: Remove 15-Passenger Vans From Use (ARM article)
15-Passenger Vans: What is the Danger? (ARM article)
Alternatives to 15-Passenger Vans (ARM article)

Safety Video – Check out the Volunteer Safety Video from the Union Office.

Emergency Preparedness/Planning – Every year numerous emergencies, disasters and other unfortunate events adversely impact Seventh-day Adventist churches around the world. These occurences often result in personal and financial loss. It is our goal to assist you in caring for your home church, so that nothing can stand in the way of its work and mission.

Campus Safety and Emergency/Crisis Planning: Are you really prepared?
Emergency Business Continuity Brochure (in English and Spanish)

Child Abuse Prevention/Mandated Reporting – For information regarding child abuse – its prevention, what to do in case you suspect, and mandated reporting – go here.