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Paradise Juniors And Seniors Grow Up In DC

Paradise Juniors And Seniors Grow Up In DC

Paradise Juniors And Seniors Grow Up In DC 2000 1125 Ken Miller

The staff and teachers at Paradise Academy are passionate about preparing their students for life and ministry.

Preceding spring break, the Juniors and Seniors traveled to Washington, DC, as part of their history requirement.

History teacher, Sean McMurphy, explained, “This trip gave students a hands-on experience with the American government.” But the lessons on the trip went deeper than notable and historical dates and people.

After visiting the Holocaust Museum and the African American Museum senior Jenner Stabel remarked, “The Holocaust Museum made me think deeply about how we treat each other and the pain we cause one another.”

Haiden Schoemaker, a junior, stated, “After a brief meeting with “Senator Padilla on his 50th birthday. He encouraged me to get involved with local political candidates and learn more about the election process and skills needed to be a public servant.”

After visiting the Museum of the Bible, senior Calvin Thompson claimed, “It was one of my favorite museums. I enjoyed the interactive programming, and it made me look at the Bible in a new way.”

After an eventful week, including seeing the Presidential motorcade, museums, and monuments, Jamison Ibara, a senior, said, “Meeting Barry Black, senate chaplain and Seventh-day Adventist, really impressed me. I’m going home and applying his keys to success in my

Principal Linda Becker stated, “This DC tour was filled with miles and miles of walking, deadlines that each student met faithfully, and quite frankly, a wonderful group of students and tour.”

As lessons will be used to serve their community, the trip contributed heavily to the maturity of Paradise students as citizens and followers of Jesus.

Featured in Northern Lights, April 20, 2023