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Hope Is Renewed

Hope Is Renewed

Hope Is Renewed 2000 1125 Ken Miller

The energy is palpable as you drive into Leoni Meadows. Work trucks are scattered across the grounds, with construction well underway. In the office, forms are being filled, phones are ringing, and staff is diligently preparing for the upcoming summer camp season.

Final touches are being made at the gleaming new swimming pool, signaling excitement for the upcoming summer visitors. The new pool building, one-third larger than its predecessor, now features expanded shower areas, external-access bathrooms, and improved storage. Craig Heinrich, camp director, said, “The pool and its outbuilding have been a labor of love, and the quality is better than we’ve ever had before. The pool was designed with a purpose that goes beyond just a place to play. We expanded the ramp and purposely made the shallow end a place where many kids will give their lives to the Lord through baptism.”

The new multipurpose room is a sight to behold. It includes a fireside room, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a craft room, expanded storage areas, and cedar trees milled into lumber from the fire have been used in construction throughout the building.

Once devastated by the Caldor Fire, the surrounding hills have been revitalized with over 150,000 pine, cedar, and Douglas fir plantings, offering a glimpse of green on the landscape—a symbol of hope and renewal.

Heinrich explained, “I can’t thank the employees, conference, constituency, donors, and volunteers enough for their support. The camp has been blessed by many who keep this precious facility open and serve others for Christ.”

Featured in Northern Lights, June 6, 2024