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Religious Liberty Weekend at Berkeley

Religious Liberty Weekend at Berkeley 1284 1992 Ken Miller

Religious Liberty Weekend

Religious Liberty Weekend 850 425 Ken Miller

61st General Conference Session 2022 NCC Delegates

61st General Conference Session 2022 NCC Delegates 1200 596 nccsadmin

2022 NCC Delegates

pictured from left to right

Jesica Minton – Layperson, Gracepoint Adventist Church
Marc Woodson – President, Northern California Conference
Jose Marin – Executive Secretary, Northern California Conference
Peter Shin – Senior Pastor, Sacramento Korean Church

Day three reflections by delegate Jose Marin:

“The day began with an inspirational and powerful morning message on our call to be a blessing to the world, and that blessing is Jesus Christ!

Today it was clear that some of the issues reviewed led to lively discussions. Delegates from different parts of the world passionately voiced their opinions in person or from a different time zone through Zoom.

I’m amazed that regardless of our rich global cultural and ideological diversity, respect was shown for each other. So much so, that after a vote, people walk away unified in purpose and mission.”

Featured in Northern Lights • June 9, 2022