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Pastor Sam Alexander Passes to His Rest

Pastor Sam Alexander Passes to His Rest 3024 4032 Ken Miller

We regret to announce the passing of Pastor Sam Alexander on May 20 in Gridley, California.

Alexander’s ministry spanned 40 years, mainly in the Northern California Conference. He faithfully worked in the Alameda/East Oakland district, Paradise, Fort Bragg, Healdsburg churches, and Rio Lindo Academy. After serving in Virginia, he returned to the territory as a district pastor for Yreka and Scott Valley churches, retiring in 2010 while pastoring the Signs Memorial church in Yountville.

According to his family, Sam loved God and wanted others to know how much God loved them.

Jim Lorenz, ministerial director, stated, “The only thing Sam loved more than his family and the outdoors was Jesus. Sam served as a pastor for four decades, lifting up Jesus, most of it in the NCC. He will be missed.”

Alexander passed away with Sue, his wife of 56 years, and family by his side.

Featured in Northern Lights, June 6, 2024

Hope Is Renewed

Hope Is Renewed 2000 1125 Ken Miller

The energy is palpable as you drive into Leoni Meadows. Work trucks are scattered across the grounds, with construction well underway. In the office, forms are being filled, phones are ringing, and staff is diligently preparing for the upcoming summer camp season.

Final touches are being made at the gleaming new swimming pool, signaling excitement for the upcoming summer visitors. The new pool building, one-third larger than its predecessor, now features expanded shower areas, external-access bathrooms, and improved storage. Craig Heinrich, camp director, said, “The pool and its outbuilding have been a labor of love, and the quality is better than we’ve ever had before. The pool was designed with a purpose that goes beyond just a place to play. We expanded the ramp and purposely made the shallow end a place where many kids will give their lives to the Lord through baptism.”

The new multipurpose room is a sight to behold. It includes a fireside room, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a craft room, expanded storage areas, and cedar trees milled into lumber from the fire have been used in construction throughout the building.

Once devastated by the Caldor Fire, the surrounding hills have been revitalized with over 150,000 pine, cedar, and Douglas fir plantings, offering a glimpse of green on the landscape—a symbol of hope and renewal.

Heinrich explained, “I can’t thank the employees, conference, constituency, donors, and volunteers enough for their support. The camp has been blessed by many who keep this precious facility open and serve others for Christ.”

Featured in Northern Lights, June 6, 2024

Fostering Mental Health and Wellness

Fostering Mental Health and Wellness 540 360 Ken Miller

Through community-led endeavors, the St. Helena Church strives for transformative change for a brighter, healthier tomorrow. Recently, the church successfully concluded an eight-week depression and anxiety recovery program, championing holistic wellness practices.

The effort resonated with 37 individuals from across the broader St. Helena community. Upon its culmination, marked improvements in depression and anxiety scores were observed among the participants.

In the spirit of compassion and empowerment, the St. Helena Church remains steadfast in its mission to ignite positive change and uplift lives, one healthy choice at a time.

Featured in Northern Lights, April 4, 2024

Ed Fargusson Retires After 42 Years

Ed Fargusson Retires After 42 Years 777 874 Ken Miller

Ed Fargusson, Assistant to the President, announced his retirement on April 1 after 42 years in ministry, 40 of those with the Northern California Conference.

Fargusson joined the NCC in 1981 and pastored at Hayward, Alturas, Alameda, Tracy, and Roseville churches. He served shortly as the NCC Human Resources Director and became Assistant to three conference presidents.

He reflected, “The most exciting thing I have seen in pastoring churches and working in the administrative structure is how God changes people’s lives. I often say that serving God is like riding a roller coaster in the front seat. It’s a fun ride, but you are not in control.”

Jim Lorenz, Ministerial Director, stated, “Ed brought a varied background to his role as Assistant to the president. Besides pastoring for many years, he served at the Church State Council and was the NCC HR director. Since he spent most of his career in the NCC, his institutional knowledge is without parallel. Because of this—and his outgoing personality—he knows nearly everyone, his retirement will leave big shoes to fill.”

Marc Woodson, President, added, “We will miss Ed’s values, his contagious kindness, always with a smile on his face. Ed has a servants heart, answering all the calls to service without complaint. He is a passionate hard worker that exemplifies the values of God, the church and the Northern California Conference.”

With Anne, his wife of 42 years, Fargusson intends to travel and spend time with family. He hints that he will do some contract coaching with churches and continue to teach and preach the Good News of salvation.

Featured in Northern Lights, April 4, 2024

NCCSDA.com Wins Prestigious ADDY Award

NCCSDA.com Wins Prestigious ADDY Award 2000 1125 Ken Miller

Part of the NCC’s path to organizational health is to effectively inform, educate, and tell the stories of our churches, schools, and ministries. To do this, a new website was launched in 2020.

The COVID pandemic was a catalyst that accelerated the need for online methods for staying current with news and events. The NCC website was no exception, and its professional look, functionality, and information were revamped with a new look.

Subsequently, the site was entered into the 2022 American Advertising Awards competition, winning an impressive Silver Award. Terrill Thomas, web designer and president of T13 Media, said of the project and award, “It was gratifying to see Christian content, graphics, and web design be recognized for excellence by a secular professional organization.”

The website is constantly updated with important conference information, including employment opportunities, education scholarships, events, and news.

Most recently, the communication and development department has posted an incredible help guide for creating a culture of stewardship in your church. You can visit the website here.

Featured in Northern Lights, July 6, 2023

Religious Liberty Weekend at Berkeley

Religious Liberty Weekend at Berkeley 1284 1992 Ken Miller

Religious Liberty Weekend

Religious Liberty Weekend 850 425 Ken Miller

61st General Conference Session 2022 NCC Delegates

61st General Conference Session 2022 NCC Delegates 1200 596 nccsadmin

2022 NCC Delegates

pictured from left to right

Jesica Minton – Layperson, Gracepoint Adventist Church
Marc Woodson – President, Northern California Conference
Jose Marin – Executive Secretary, Northern California Conference
Peter Shin – Senior Pastor, Sacramento Korean Church

Day three reflections by delegate Jose Marin:

“The day began with an inspirational and powerful morning message on our call to be a blessing to the world, and that blessing is Jesus Christ!

Today it was clear that some of the issues reviewed led to lively discussions. Delegates from different parts of the world passionately voiced their opinions in person or from a different time zone through Zoom.

I’m amazed that regardless of our rich global cultural and ideological diversity, respect was shown for each other. So much so, that after a vote, people walk away unified in purpose and mission.”

Featured in Northern Lights • June 9, 2022