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El Dorado Salutes 9/11 Victims

El Dorado Salutes 9/11 Victims

El Dorado Salutes 9/11 Victims 2000 1125 Ken Miller

September 11—El Dorado Adventist School commemorated the 9/11 tragedy with a flag-raising ceremony and affirmed invited first responders from the El Dorado County area.

The school has remembered the victims for over a decade and celebrated local first responders. Principal Marty Sutton thanked Bonnie Daggett for “spearheading this event that provides unity between our children, the school, the church, and public servants.”

Invited local Sheriff, Police, and Fire personnel lined the school parking lot with their trucks as students led the group in raising the American flag, singing the national anthem, and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jeff Leikauf, El Dorado County Sheriff, spoke of why it’s important to remember 9/11 and teach our children about it. “We are blessed to live in a country and a county that can come together in remembrance and unity. On that fateful day, we saw the residents of New York and a nation standing strong in the face of adversity and selflessness. It is important that our young people learn that a knowledge of history enhances the power to reshape the future they can be the light in the darkness and make the world a better place.”

After the service, students presented the assembled first responders with handmade crafts and care packages, each with a written thank-you. Marty Sutton, principal, stated, “Thank you go to our first responders for caring each day in service to our school and our community.”

One fire official remarked, “Events like these are why many join the ranks of public service. To serve the public and then go home and feel appreciated for their chosen jobs, nothing more.”

Featured in Northern Lights, September 21, 2023