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Women's Ministries
Ideas for Creative Activities

Ideas for Creative Activities

Here are just a few of the hundreds of creative activities you and your women’s ministries group may enjoy. Let this be a springboard for your own ideas. Just remember—every activity should draw others to a closer walk with Jesus through fellowship, service, support, and spiritual growth.

Ladies Bible Studies (mornings for stay-at-home moms and retired women and evenings for those who work)
One-day retreats
Women’s Day Sabbath
Spiritual Gifts seminar for women
Fruits of the Spirit workshop
Ladies’ SabbathSchool class
Prayer Chain
Moms-in-Touch Prayer group
Prayer Partners
Week of Prayer for and by Women
Prayer and Love Saves Study Groups
Special programs for Mother’s Day

Secret Sisters
Children of Aging Parents
Non-Christian Spouses
“Take Heart” Retreats for Abused Women
Widow Support
Divorce Recover
Weight Loss Support
Single Women Support
Working Mom’s Support
Substance Abuse Support
Dealing with Life Threatening Illness
Aids Support
Miscarriage/Abortion Support

“Welcome Baby” visits and packets
Friendship gatherings
Shut-in visitation
After school tutoring
Cooking classes
Parenting classes for teenage Moms
Sex education for teens
Self esteem for teens
Scholarship Assistance to annual women and teen retreats
Community or Church Library volunteers
New Member ministry
Video evangelism – Women can do it!
Aerobics class/walking group
Prepare “quiet books” or bags for children to use during church worship
Baby showers for needy Moms
Give Women’s Devotional books or Women of Spirit subscriptions to
“Heart Call” for Women who are not currently attending church
Prepare and ship SabbathSchool and church supplies overseas
Swap and Shop
Provide transportation for elderly and those with small children to medical appointments and health facilities
Meals for new Moms
Meals for the ill
Community volunteering awareness seminar
Help for crisis pregnancies
Provide layettes for the local hospital to give to needy babies
A greeting card ministry to the lonely and ill
Organize a branch of Women’s Ministries on each local college campus
Pairing and Sharing—helping women connect
Prepare and share a cookbook of favorite vegetarian recipes
A Diaper Drive and give diapers to single mom’s and needy
Have a cookie bake and package up cookies for students away at school/military

Mother-Daughter events
Friendship crafts—scrap booking, needlework, calligraphy, art, etc.
Prayer Breakfasts
Cookie exchanges and other holiday events
Progressive dinners
Picnic or similar outdoor events
Brunches, luncheons, dinners, banquets
Ladies’ Night Out
Seasonal events – winter sledding parties/fall corn roasts/ Christmas caroling
Nature related events with guides or authorities to share their knowledge
Key into community events and share fairs, festivals, etc.
A musical program featuring talented women
Teas and fashion shows with a special theme
Form a Women’s Chorus
Visit local museums and places of interest with a guide

Mothers and Others – mentoring
1-Day Seminars on a variety of subjects like nutrition or parenting

Understanding the Male Temperament
Health Issues for Women
Building and Maintaining Strong Families
Image Enhancement
Giving Bible Studies from a female perspective
Vegetarian Meal Planning
Money Management
Easy Home/Auto Repairs for women
Marriage/Family relationships
Home Management and organization
Building Friendships
Seasonal Gardening
Decorating on a budget
Personal grooming and care
Dressing to look your best on a budget
How to be a Christian on the job
Stress Management
Women in Evangelism
Leadership Training
Computer skills for women
Dealing with the “Empty Nest”
A book club
Invite law enforcement to give a class on living safely
Video seminars of special interest to women
Abuse awareness workshops
Ladies ABC Book review and sale
Development of peer/lay counseling