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Vegan Mania Takes Over NCC Parking Lot

Vegan Mania Takes Over NCC Parking Lot

Vegan Mania Takes Over NCC Parking Lot 1200 621 nccsadmin

What started as an idea to feed young adults and engage the local community with a healthy eating message, blossomed into an event that connected people to an abundant life with Jesus Christ.

According to Dan Garza, district pastor of the Woodland and Vacaville churches, “The original plan was to invite several veggie and vegan food trucks to the NCC headquarters in Roseville and feed about 300 young Adventist adults as well as some additional community members.”

However, God had bigger plans. According to Garza, “When we placed a $20 ad on Facebook, we received over 2,000 positive responses, and from that surprising result, it was on!”

Picked up by Sacramento Channel 31’s Good Day program, interest swelled, and by Sunday at 11 AM, ten food vendors and over 1,000 people flooded the Douglas Avenue headquarters parking lot.

Creative dishes ranged from vegetarian Mexican cuisine to vegan shrimp, curry delights, coconut candy, and fruit drinks. According to attendee Linda Neal, “My doctor advised me to start eating a more plant-based diet, so now I’m a vegan wanna-be. This event was right on time. I had a vegan hot dog and loved it.”

According to one young adult ministry team member, “Many people and groups eagerly chatted at length with SDA young adults asking questions about the Adventist faith, why we hold the health message as necessary, Sabbath rest, and our connection to Blue Zones.”

Garza concluded saying, “We have already received many requests to hold another event, and prayer requests from our QR-coded prayer signs located around the venue.”

Featured in Northern Lights • October 20, 2022