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youth-rush 1

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I love watching God work to bless our kids and our community! God is working through and in these kids! It’s very exciting to see young people who love God and are excited about working for Him! Thanks again.

youth-rush 2

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I got to share some Bible promises with them and had a really good conversation. God’s timing was perfect. I got to pray for them; they prayed for me and got a few powerful books that I know will change their lives. Not only did God answer my prayer – He answered theirs too!

youth-rush 3

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I was new to the Canvassing work, and someone had shared with me that God wants to answer specific prayers. As I went door to door, I decided to try this out. I prayed such a specific prayer, I almost felt like I was setting myself up for disappointment. God was so faithful to answer my prayer – EXACTLY!

youth-rush 4

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Ashley has thoroughly enjoyed this summer. I cannot think of a better way for her to mature in so many ways, gain experience “in the world but not of the world,” earn money for school, and spread the wonderful message of Jesus all at the same time.