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Redwood Academy Rises From The Ashes

Redwood Academy Rises From The Ashes

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Principal Lisa Bissell-Paulson is excited for the new school year at Redwood Academy, “We are so blessed to welcome back 90 Kindergarten through eighth-grade students and we expect more to arrive!”

The Redwood campus, a victim of the Tubbs wildfire in October 2017, has slowly progressed back towards normalcy since one of the most devastating fires in California history.

Although students still meet in temporary classrooms, one can start to see outlines of where the new classrooms and administration building will stand.

In a commanding location sits a shiny new gymnasium. Bissell-Paulson continued, “We’re so close to an occupancy permit for our brand-new gym! Complete with Basketball and Volleyball courts, it has a large commercial kitchen as well.

Bissell-Paulson exclaimed, “It will be such a welcome addition when open, and will connect our students, and families to our community through sports and events.”

Featured in Northern Lights • August 25, 2022