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Damon Washington Ordained

Damon Washington Ordained

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Damon Washington was ordained on October 8 at the Grand Advent church in Oakland.

Washington says his journey to being a minister was “born out of bible studies offered at his place of work and curiosity of the Sabbath.”

Earning a Master of Divinity in 2018, Washington spent three years as an associate pastor with the Nevada-Utah Conference and has served our territory as a district pastor since January at the Pittsburg and Oakland Emmanuel Temple churches.

Kevin Robert, church growth and evangelism director, said, “Damon has a deep love for his community and is the first to lead out in any effort; a true shepherd connecting people to Jesus Christ.”

Celebrating his eighteenth year of marriage to Jeanice Warden-Washington, he said about his ordination, “I’m still trying to process the Lord’s blessing and faithfulness in my life leading to this event.”

Featured in Northern Lights • October 20, 2022