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Volume 5 • Issue 16 • April 21, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 16 • April 21, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 16 • April 21, 2022 1200 676 nccsadmin
Special Feature

One Baptism Marks a Church’s Revival

By Adeline Jackson

Anderson SDA Church engaged their call to ministry by celebrating the baptism of Mirian Rocha Thomas on April 3. It was the first baptism by Pastor Ron Yabut since becoming pastor in January and made more joyous considering the long pause in services due to COVID.

Mirian’s commitment mirrors a renewed spirit of hopefulness and commitment in the Anderson church. It has been many years since God’s direction was more evident than since Pastor Yabut and his wife Jennevi took a full-time role in the two-church district.

This baptism coupled with joy and enthusiasm that Mirian and her new family have for serving God has given a “face” to the ‘new life’ that church members are experiencing. This new invigoration has led to the first nominating committee in four years. The enthusiasm of new church officers has fostered a visioning process for the church and creative discussion about becoming relevant in the Anderson community.

We as a church are convinced that prayer changes things. After many months of continual prayer for the restoration and revival of our church, we are seeing those prayers answered! While there is more to be accomplished, there is hope. We wish to encourage other churches who are struggling to find their way forward with prayer and God’s leading.

God is faithful and He wants us all to be courageous and committed to sharing hope, truth and peace that is found only in Jesus with everyone who needs to hear it.

Employees Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Carol Herbert, ministry coordinator at Capital City Church was instrumental in putting together a volunteer weekend at Leoni Meadows. As she explained, “God told us to go in Matthew 28: 18-20, so when this opportunity came up, we were obedient to His call. After the fire it was heart breaking to see the condition of the camp, but it was a joy to be a part of the project to rebuild.”

From April 7 to 21, the Maranatha Volunteers International project included construction, renovation, general clean-up, and rebuilding several structures at Leoni Meadows.

Yolanda Frazier, administrative assistant of african american ministries, and Raven Frazier, human resource specialist at the conference office, joined others over a weekend during the project.

“I am inspired by the dedication and compassion of the workers I met at Leoni Meadows!” Said Frazier, also a member of Capital City church. She continued, “Each of the six rooms my small group finished had to be scrubbed ceiling to floor before we painted, I felt muscles I didn’t know I had!”

Giving up her traditional birthday celebration to attend, Raven said, “I went, unsure of what to expect. But after the experience I came home wanting to spend every birthday serving God like this.”

PUC Inaugurates New President

Sabbath, April 16, Pacific Union College celebrated its 140th anniversary.

A highlight of the weekend was the inauguration of Ralph Trecartin, twenty-fifth president of the college.

NCC President, and PUC board member Marc Woodson said, “It was a privilege to participate in the dedication of Dr. Trecartin. I wish him success and my prayers as he continues to lead PUC.”