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Volume 5 • Issue 15 • April 14, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 15 • April 14, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 15 • April 14, 2022 720 405 nccsadmin

Being His Hands

Submitted by Kayla Chavez, Grass Valley Church Reporter and NCC Communication Intern

In 1 Peter 3:8 we are reminded, “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.” (NIV).

Needs Meets Needs, a Grass Valley church ministry is engaging its community with compassion. Ellie Watson, the coordinator is engaging her call to ministry by matching people experiencing hardship to church members who can help.

Watson explains, “Understanding the urgency when someone is living in their car or needs a room for the night is ministry”. She goes on, “A year ago, I connected with a member who wasn’t coming to church anymore after her husband had died and I knew she was facing money issues. I found her in Auburn and paid for a few nights at a hotel so she could have a safe place to figure things out”.

This ministry meets the needs of community members, both large and small, as Ellie explains, “With things as small as taking care of someone’s garden, to cleaning someone’s car or help to pay and install a car transmission!”

Watson continues, “We have wonderful and willing people in our church. I haven’t been told ‘no’ to a cause yet!” The compassionate actions of volunteers in the Needs Meet Needs ministries have echoed throughout the community and in the hearts of those that they have touched.

Granite Bay Dedicates New Church Building

Granite Bay church celebrated the opening of their new church building on April 2. Doug Batchelor, pastor said, “Granite Bay was planted as a congregation that would boldly serve a fast-growing region of Sacramento, California, and I’m thrilled that God has enabled us to put down roots, for which we joyfully praise Him.” The church worship facility, which seats 1,500 guests, was also designed to broadcast Sabbath School Study Hour and Granite Bay Church services to those around the world who are unable to attend Sabbath services where they live.