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Volume 5 • Issue 17 • April 28, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 17 • April 28, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 17 • April 28, 2022 1200 675 nccsadmin

Mark 16:15 In Action

Engaging the call to ministry and community with compassion leads to church planting and growth. The Sonoma and Novato church district, led by Pastor Matt Mattzela, is in the process of planting a church in South Central Marin and is a great example of Mark 16:15; which commands believers to go into the world and preach the good news to everyone.

As Mattzela explains, “The churches in the Sonoma/Novato district along with the church plant in South Central Marin have established an IMPACT Community Cares group that completes projects both large and small on a weekly basis. These projects open the door for us to share Jesus through service. As our small groups go out, we are connecting to more community members.”

The church group started a blog to share experiences and seek new projects. Here are a few examples of their work as reported on the church blog:

We helped a friend cultivate her small garden in preparation for planting. We had previously picked acorns and helped her make tamales. It was good to reconnect with her again.

We returned to our new friend’s house to help with a variety of things like pruning a cactus and weeding around the house.

We took up the call of cleaning windows! Five of us gathered our tools and resources, carpooled, and arrived at their home on Sunday morning – ready for work. We were greeted by a delightful couple with bright smiles matching the beautiful sunny day.

Being Community-Relevant

The Capitol City church, led by Pastor Damian Chandler is engaging its community with compassion. One way is by sponsoring an English as Second Language (ESL) class for community members.

Carol Herbert, director of ministries explains, “Language barriers can often inhibit meaningful connection in the workplace, church, and community. Bringing ESL classes to our church provides students the opportunity to learn English in a safe, comfortable setting.”

Sandra, a registered nurse in her native Brazil, was unable to secure employment here in the United States. By attending the full ESL program, she learned enough English to secure a full-time job.

Herbert continues, “Serving our students through the church has established friendships and opened doorways to sharing an abundant life in Jesus Christ.” For more information on these ESL classes call (916) 585-6511.

Supply Container Leaves for Tonga

The Sacramento Tongan church is praising God as they send off a 40-foot care package to their island nation.

Ever since the massive volcanic explosion and subsequent tsunami in December, members have been working to support their families and engage the community in Tonga with compassion by providing food and supplies.

According to Pastor Tui Finau, “The aftermath of the disaster – regardless whether homes were destroyed – the subsequent ash, mixed with moisture ruined almost all clothing, food, furniture, and household items.” In response, church members collected items and loaded them into the large shipping container in their church parking lot last week.

“The filling and shipping of the container is a collaborative effort with the conference and we are grateful for this support,” said Finau.

Finau continues, “Every member at the church has family in Tonga that are suffering shortages. This shipment will reach many loved ones.”

The container is packed with crates, boxes, and barrels of food, clothing, bedding, or any item that could be stuffed in gaps. The container made its way by truck from the church grounds on Friday to the Port of Oakland. From there it will board a ship and take about two weeks to arrive in Tonga.

Church members request continued prayers to lift up the Kingdom of Tonga as they rebuild and return to normalcy. Pastor Finau exclaims, “We praise God Almighty for the support to make this project happen!”