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Volume 5 • Issue 13 • March 31, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 13 • March 31, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 13 • March 31, 2022 1200 656 nccsadmin

A Day in the Life of a Principal

School principals gathered this week at NCC office headquarters in Roseville for one of their many workshops.

The day saw friends and colleagues enjoying each other’s company while discussing year-end academic procedures.

With the end of the school year in sight, there are graduation, financial, and hiring issues to address.

When asked her favorite part of these events, Lisa Bissell-Paulson, principal at Pleasant Hill Academy was quick to say, “It’s great to see all my friends!”

Albert Miller, superintendent of schools echoed this sentiment saying, “Our principals have a special bond tempered by unique workplace experiences.”

Miller continues “These gatherings are essential for operating our schools at the highest level.”


Kid Centered Church

Roseville Church recently catered a church service directly for their children. “We wanted to do something special with each aspect geared towards them.” said David Resendes, pastor.

The chosen theme was God’s Backyard, and a pastoral scene including live animals was created on stage where children could take live flowers home at the end of the service.

Decorations extended from the stage to the foyer with a service of short sermonettes, a puppet show and special music by the Beginners Class.

A parent said, “My kids both told me that they liked that I brought one of our roosters to church!”

After the service everyone enjoyed a boxed kid friendly lunch and fellowship. Moreover, there were several young people who had not attended church in a long time that stayed to talk with the leaders.

Welcome to Ken Miller!

New Assistant to the Director of Communication and Development

What do yacht racing and church communication have in common? “Well, nothing comes to mind”, states Ken Miller, our new Assistant to the director of communications and development.

Miller disarmingly continues, “However, I do have twenty-five years working with avid sailing customers like The America’s Cup as a private business owner and during that time, I have been honing my communication skills in this very secular sport.”

When asked why he is making the switch to church work Miller stated, “I was personally missing that key element that all good businesses have, a mission and a purpose. I started praying for a place that I could serve God more effectively with my talents. This opportunity at the NCC came out of nowhere, surprising me to the point of knowing this was His answer.”

Ken enjoys working for the church. He served on the board at his home church, Discover Life SDA in Sonora, California. He currently teaches youth Sabbath School, and every Friday, a wood shop class to 7th to 10th grade students at Mother Lode Adventist Jr. Academy (MLAJA).

As a graduate of Pacific Union College, he still maintains strong ties to what he terms, “His School”. During COVID he started a Facebook page catering to his era at the college. “It exploded to 850 members in a couple days!” Miller exclaims. “I think COVID opened a hunger to connect! It’s like a moving yearbook of pictures and memories.”

Picture below, his wife of 22 years, Amy Chinnock-Miller is the Vice-Principal and 9th and 10th grade teacher at MLAJA and they have two lovely daughters, Kaia and Darci. Kaia will be attending Rio Lindo Academy next year as a junior.

“I am very excited to have Ken in the department. He brings a unique perspective and voice that will enhance the work of telling the story of how our churches, schools, and other ministries connect people to Christ. He also is a passionate hard worker, contagiously kind and has a servant’s heart-our three character values that successful NCC employees share in common. ” explains Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development.

Mark Blue Lecture Series

On Monday, our pastors and teachers met together at Gracepoint Church for the annual Mark Blue Lecture Series.

This series was tackling conflict resolution issues that arise in the church-school space. According to Jim Lorenz, ministerial director, “Our pastors and teachers face real-world conflicts in their missions. We strive to provide modern training for successful mitigation.”

This year, presenters from the Center for Reconciliation met in general and breakout sessions targeting specific scenarios.

Lorenz summed up his thoughts of the series with a quote by presenter Dr. H. Jean Wright II; “We’re all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.”