• Connecting people to an abundant life with Jesus Christ and preparing them for His return

Volume 5 • Issue 12 • March 24, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 12 • March 24, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 12 • March 24, 2022 1200 621 nccsadmin

2021 State of the Conference Address

Marc Woodson, President
interviewed by
Laurie Trujillo, Director of Communication and Development
Learn how the Holy Spirit moved through our conference in 2021.

See how our churches, schools and members have been connecting people to an abundant life with Jesus and preparing them for the Second Coming.

Watch the 29-minute interview here or watch it in segments:

Time – Topic
00:56 – Ministry during the pandemic
02:34 – Engage community with compassion
05:00 – Engage calling to ministry
07:00 – Engage in church planting
10:12 – Tithe and other Giving
13:52 – Disaster recovery
17:07 – Where are we going now? Our journey toward organizational health.
19:35 – Expansion of Leadership team from 4 to 8 members: Two are women
22:04 – Explanation of organizational clarity and focus
23:06 – Engaged and enthusiastic members and employees
24:00 – Community Relevance
25:00 – Mission Driven
26:18 – Organizational Health
26:42 – Final words

Kids Unite Us to Serve – Part 2

Janine Harrington, 3rd grade teacher at Sacramento Adventist Academy, has owned horses her entire life and currently rides competitively in both Hunter and Jumper competitions.

When Harrington found out that Leoni Meadow’s Cowboy Camp lost everything in the Caldor Fire, she knew something had to be done.

Harrington explains, “I want every child to have the experience of riding and the loss of Cowboy Camp is devastating especially for my students who are now old enough to attend Leoni.”

With the support of her husband Al, together with her students , they approached both the Sacramento Woodside and Carmichael churches to support the rebuild of Cowboy Camp.

Jenni Glass, Carmichael church member recalled, “The kids went to the front of the church to explain their idea and ask for support. It was so inspiring.”

As weekly customers at Douglas Feed in Granite Bay, Harrington approached the owners Craig and DeeDee Lyman for support. Little did they know that Craig had attended Leoni Meadows when he was kid.

The owners agreed to not only to replace the tack items at cost but also started a “Round Up” campaign with their customers.

Pictured here. On March 15, Janine brought her class to Douglas Feed and presented the collected funds to Craig Heinrich, Director of Leoni Meadows. Additionally, the students toured the store and chose items for Cowboy Camp. The students also held some baby chicks, and before leaving they each got a bag of kettle corn to take back to school. DeeDee Lyman said, “It was such a pleasure having the kids at our store. It made our day.”

The class presented Heinrich with a check for over $23,000! “I am so grateful for how the Lord has blessed the mission of Leoni. God answered our prayers. Thank you to Harringtons and Lymans, but I especially thank these amazing kids,” states Heinrich.

God works in wondrous ways! As an answer to prayer, using the passion of these young children, God bought together two churches and community members to ensure kids this summer can experience the joy of horses.