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Volume 5 • Issue 14 • April 7, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 14 • April 7, 2022

Volume 5 • Issue 14 • April 7, 2022 960 540 nccsadmin

Rio Lindo Academy Alumni Day

On April 2, Rio Lindo Adventist Academy held its 59th annual Alumni Homecoming.

The church service featured a concert by Rio’s performing arts department and seven scholarships were awarded to deserving students totaling over $7,000.

Attendance topped two-hundred with the class of 1972 having the largest turnout with forty. An additional thirty tuned in via Zoom according to Rika Meyer, vice-principal and director of marketing and development. Several former principals including Vic Anderson, Dennis Plubel, and Albert Miller connected with other former faculty and students.

A weekend highlight was the athletic field dedication in honor of former history teacher and coach, Lynny Chapman. He was moved to see the sign displaying his name “Chapman Field” and the tributes given by former students.

On Sunday, the athletic department capped off the weekend with the 4th annual Rio Lindo Trail Run 5k/10k race as a fundraiser for the department.

Alum Stephanie Fritz-Ta wrote on the Rio Lindo Facebook page, “I have so many great memories of growing up at Rio. Those buildings were like a second home.”

This sentiment was echoed by Mekey Lepulu, principal, “Alumni Homecoming truly gave us a glimpse of the ultimate reunion that we will all have one day in heaven.”

Ted Calkins Retires

Pastor Ted Calkins announced his retirement on April 1, 2022 after 53 years of denominational service.

Calkins said, “Today, Friday, April 1, is the day of preparation for a new chapter that will begin this evening with the Sabbath—our special time set aside by Jesus for rest, fulfillment, shalom (peace), music, inspiration, and joy. Thank you so much, Jesus! Thank you for our friends!”

As an NCC pastor since 1975, he was instrumental in purchasing property for the Citrus Heights church, a property he found while on a bicycle ride. He is also well known for his stewardship with Redwood Area Campmeeting and he reflects how hard work and even a flood led to upgrades and growth of the property.

Calkins served as an NCC planned giving consultant for many years and recently pastored at Middletown and Clearlake district during two of California’s most devastating wildfires.

According to Jim Lorenz, ministerial director, “Elder Calkins is a leader in the get-it-done-fashion. He always has a smile and a soothing way about him.”

When asked what he considers his greatest memory in ministry Calkins doesn’t hesitate in saying, “Baptizing my two daughters.”

Guitars at Sacramento Academy

Students at Sacramento Adventist Academy (SAA) enjoy a unique experience in their education – shop class.

Teacher Duane Calkins engages his calling to ministry using a very specific and unique talent. Over many years, Calkins has made thousands of electric guitars. For the last four years, he has been transmitting this art and knowledge to his students at SAA.

Calkins leads student through design, safety and usage of tools making body, neck and fret boards. Custom paint schemes or varnishes are applied to finish out the models that hang in differing stages around the shop.

Sophomore Brodie Barr enjoys the class so much he has made three. When asked his thoughts, he enthusiastically said, “It’s a really cool class.”

Calkins states, “Students leave SAA having a sense of pride in accomplishment, a knowledge of tool use, and a fantastic guitar.”


Giving to Ukraine

We have become aware of organizations and individuals who might not have your best interest at heart working in our territory and are supposedly raising funds for the Ukrainian refugees.
We encourage you and those you serve to fully verify any organization who is seeking donations. Feel free to reach out to our Communication and Development Department with any concerns or questions.
However, if you wish to safely support the Ukrainian refugees, we encourage you to give through your local church or use the following two portals: