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Teachers Tackle Tasks

Teachers Tackle Tasks

Teachers Tackle Tasks 1200 662 nccsadmin

Northern teachers met at Gracepoint church Monday morning for a conference-wide in-service.

According to Lodi Elementary principal, Lisa Nuss, “We have four new teachers this year at Lodi so quick team-building success and conference procedural help is very important.”

Education superintendent Albert Miller said, “Our territory is large geographically and spread out. We set up several of these gatherings every year to support our teachers, discuss important issues, and promote a flow of information going in both directions.”

The day’s activities include new employee orientation and many breakout sessions that offer continuing education credits.

One of three teachers in an eight grade school, Yreka kindergarten teacher Diona Lowery noted, “I was a walk-on teacher last year so these meetings are my crash-course in education management. I loved Keith Jacobson’s message at worship and God has blessed our fifty-student school. I can’t wait to see my little ones next week!”

Featured in Northern Lights • August 11, 2022