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Korean Camp Meeting

Korean Camp Meeting

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Over 900 people celebrated Korean Camp Meeting on the Pacific Union College campus. The first in-person gathering since the pandemic, joyful attendees rekindled friendships, family ties and worshipped Jesus.

According to James Lim, coordinator of Asian Pacific ministries, “The PUC Korean camp meeting serves our brothers and sisters not only from our northern territory, but the western half of the United States. We meet friends from Northern, and Southern California as well as many western states.”

The PUC camp meeting is one of two Korean events, with the other on the east coast. When asked his opinion how campers choose the PUC event over the East Coast Korean camp meeting Lim laughed and said, “It is a personal preference, hot and dry versus hot and humid.”

When discussing why camp meetings mean so much to us, Lim paused reflectively and said, “Because camp meeting is a foretaste of Heaven to come. Enveloped in a loving community praising the Lord Jesus Christ. It is what the Holy Spirit has built into our hearts.”

Featured in Northern Lights • August 11, 2022