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Stockton Central Hits The Streets

Stockton Central Hits The Streets

Stockton Central Hits The Streets 1200 675 Ken Miller

Stockton Central engages its community with compassion with many community-relevant service projects.

For nine years, the “Homeless Feeding Team” has faithfully provided meals to thousands of unhoused residents in Stockton. Twice a year, they collect food from members and work in partnership with a local food bank. Then on a Sabbath, they feed many grateful people.

Another team in the church operates The “Community Service Ministry”. Once a month, they open the church gates and gym doors to give away supplies to the surrounding community. According to David Salcido, church member, “Depending on the season, weather or holiday, 50-70 customers per day is normal.”

Salcido continued, “You don’t always receive a lot of thanks in this ministry. But, that one special person will thank you from the bottom of their heart because you have filled a real need, and that makes it all worth it.”

Featured in Northern Lights, January 5, 2023