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Capitol City Church Hosts Baby Shower for 100 Families

Capitol City Church Hosts Baby Shower for 100 Families 1080 810 Julie Lorenz

Last month, the Sacramento Capitol City church partnered with the Meadowview Birth & Beyond Family Resource Center to host a drive-through baby shower for 100 community families. Some church members purchased baby clothes, shoes, books, and learning toys, while others donated money to buy presents. The center’s staff brought diapers, baby wipes, and other gifts.

The congregation was excited to support new mothers in the community. “The church is supposed to be the light in the city,” said Carol Herbert, the church’s mission council leader. “We should find all the ways we can to reach people.”

Market Street Church Hosts Drive-in Communion Service

Market Street Church Hosts Drive-in Communion Service 864 366 Julie Lorenz

On a Sabbath afternoon in February, about 75 cars – filled with people from around the East Bay – lined up in the Golden Gate Academy parking lot for the outdoor communion service hosted by the Oakland Market Street church.

Since the pandemic began, the church has held four outdoor communion services, which include music, prayers, and a short sermon. The pastors encouraged people to wash their family members’ feet at home before coming to receive the bread and grape juice in prepackaged containers.

Participants appreciated the opportunity to see each other, even at a distance. “People are so excited about coming that they start arriving an hour ahead of time,” said Senior Pastor Edwin Brown. “They bring their kids and wave at each other.”