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How We Serve


Executive Secretary’s Role

The Northern California Conference Secretariat’s three priorities:


In consultation with the President and Conference Treasurer, carries forward the work according to plans, policies, and programs voted by the Constituency and/or the Conference Executive Committee.

As one of the NCC’S three executive officers, the executive secretary provides governance and support for the churches, schools, and ministries.

The secretary’s portfolio also includes supporting the conference’s church planting initiative, providing oversight for HR, Evangelism, Prayer Ministries, and other projects and initiatives.

  • Act as vice-chair of the Executive Committee.
  • To sign or countersign all papers and documents that require the Executive Secretary’s signature.
  • Receives and processes legal notices.
  • To exercise responsibilities and perform duties appropriate to the office of the Executive Secretary consistent with the Bylaws.
  • Together with the other officers, building integration throughout the conference.

Works with technical procedures and legal issues and is proactive in organizing and sharing information for the decision-making process throughout the conference

  • Keep a full and complete record of the proceedings of the Executive Committee and the Constituency Session.
  • Custodian of the Bylaws
  • Publish official notices.
  • Serves as custodian of membership records for all churches in the Conference.
  • Church governance
  • Church organization
  • Service records
  • Credentials and Licenses
  • Processes travel requests
  • Processes Interdivisional Service Requests
Mission — Mission Refocusing (intentionality)
  • Church planting
  • Church viability
  • Organizing projects to reclaim those who have left the church (RAMP)
  • Volunteer Service
  • Mission Trips