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Preschoolers’ Learning Ignited By Fire Safety

Preschoolers’ Learning Ignited By Fire Safety

Preschoolers’ Learning Ignited By Fire Safety 1948 1080 Ken Miller

Gil Fayard is an alum of Sacramento Academy and a soon-to-be Pacific Union College graduate. A kind and compassionate hard worker, Fayard is determining his professional path. Currently, he works as an EMT and volunteer firefighter for the Angwin Fire department. His sister Natalie recently invited him to talk to her preschool class of youngsters at Sacramento Academy.

The children sat on the carpeted floor for circle time, a place used for special presentations and worship. With excitable attention, the children watched as he donned his turnouts (fire retardant overalls), firefighter’s jacket, and helmet describing the purpose of each piece of clothing.

Aided by a PowerPoint presentation, Fayard explained fire safety to the children, including how to dial 911 in an emergency and “stop, drop, and roll” to extinguish a fire on your clothing.

Fayard said, “Even though preschoolers are very young, this foundational safety lesson will stick with them for life. It’s also important to explain why they shouldn’t be afraid of first responders. We’re always there to help them.”

Shari Thompson, Sacramento Academy preschool director, said of Fayard’s presentation, “You can’t communicate this kind of information just being a teacher. To have somebody like Gil from the community present information from his work life is more vital to the education of our children. To see the kids’ faces light up is just amazing! We are thankful for people like Gil for serving as a first response worker and taking time for our children!”

Featured in Northern Lights, February 2, 2023