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Celebrate Black History Month!

Celebrate Black History Month!

Celebrate Black History Month! 1322 602 Ken Miller

Excerpt from HIS Story. An article written by Marc Woodson, NCC president, featured in the Pacific Union Recorder, February 2023 Issue.

“Our God intervenes in the affairs of humanity and weaves a tapestry of blessings using the scraps of man’s inhumanity. Like Joseph, African people were snatched from their homeland, sold into slavery, debased as animals, lost their identity, and kept in ignorance. How can these people perceive God amid their oppression? As we have seen when the enslaved people were emancipated, God delivers, makes the crooked places straight and the rough places plain, and every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain made low.”

Let’s celebrate and learn how God has used Black and African American Adventists throughout history. Follow this link:

Featured in Northern Lights, February 2, 2023