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Yreka/McKinney Fire Update

Yreka/McKinney Fire Update

Yreka/McKinney Fire Update 1200 1047 nccsadmin

“A Very Close Call”

In response to the McKinney Fire, NCC Disaster Relief Funds were distributed through district pastor Bob Mason to 31 members and those connected to the Yreka Church and School.

One member felt very blessed and grateful for this support. She was at her grandson’s home when the fire spread. She evacuated successfully not knowing if she had lost her home or business.

Upon returning, she learned two of her good friends died in the fire, her grandson lost everything, and the restaurant she had developed to help the local community was ashes.

She stated, “I cannot question what God’s purpose is for my life; but who am I to doubt the wisdom of my creator? I am so blessed that my home was spared, and I can take care of my family. This extra help from the church is such a blessing. It was an answer to prayer because I was not sure where the money was going to come from to pay for the generator gas. I am just so blessed!”

Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development said, “Gifts to this fund and other funds like the New Beginner’s Fund provide significant help to people, and minister to their needs. Our compassionate givers make a difference and bring joy to others.”

Featured in Northern Lights • August 18, 2022