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Ending Homelessness Initiative

Ending Homelessness Initiative

Ending Homelessness Initiative 979 295 Ken Miller

Are you moved by the growing number of unhoused residents on the streets and parks throughout our cities and towns? Do you wish to be part of the solution?

At the 2022 Northern California Conference Constituency Session, we were challenged to be involved in significantly resolving homelessness in our territory.

We recognize that many churches and schools are addressing this humanitarian crisis. Nevertheless, there is more we can do to begin the work of ending homelessness.

To accomplish this overwhelming and seemingly impossible goal, we seek to hire a full-time person to coordinate the Ending Homelessness Initiative for our conference. The successful candidate will have a master’s degree, five years of experience related to homelessness, and demonstrated expertise and interest in this field. They will have established relationships with civic leaders, state and local governments, and community groups. They must show passion and expertise in bringing various groups together and galvanizing them to end homelessness in our church or school communities. Click here to read the full job description and apply.

We also seek an experienced team of volunteers to serve on our Council of Homelessness. The group’s purpose is to oversee the Initiative and support the coordinator. Click here for The Terms of Reference and a formal application.

Featured in Northern Lights, April 6, 2023