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Socorro Renteria Joins NCC Offices

Socorro Renteria Joins NCC Offices

Socorro Renteria Joins NCC Offices 1097 1644 Ken Miller

The NCC welcomes Socorro Renteria to its administrative offices.

Renteria is an assistant treasurer and describes her church work as an act of ministry. As a professional bookkeeper, she has worked for a Ford dealership, a money management firm, and several restaurants.

But her journey to Christ was a defining moment. “After 9/11, I was shocked and questioned many of my beliefs. I grew up Catholic and had experience as a Jehovah’s Witness. My assistant manager at the time invited me to his SDA church, to which I told him, ‘leave your religion at home.’ His response was to leave his religion at home and bring Jesus to work.”

Finally taking her boss’ invitation and reflecting on her first experience in an Adventist church, she stated, “My interest was piqued by married couples that had been together for ‘so long.’ Being from a broken home, this was very appealing, and I wanted what they had.”

Socorro and her husband Francisco, who became an Adventist shortly after her, moved to Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism in Georgia. While she trained for medical ministry, her husband, already a professional cook, worked at the local Country Life Restaurant. Through the years, a circuitous route of jobs and ministry eventually found them back in California and now at the NCC.

Her words to live by: “Christians are built for service. Service to our employers as well as our neighbors.”

Featured in Northern Lights, March 30, 2023