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Pathfinders Cycle To Puerto Rico And Back*

Pathfinders Cycle To Puerto Rico And Back*

Pathfinders Cycle To Puerto Rico And Back* 2000 1125 Ken Miller

April 2- Northern California Pathfinders gathered at the foot of the Sierra Buttes mountain range for a day of cycling.

Eddie Heinrich, pathfinder, and youth ministry director beamed, “It was amazing how after a brutal winter, the weather cooperated! The sun was out, the temperature perfect, and it was an outstanding day.”

190 riders donned helmets and mounted bicycles to raise money for their clubs. The course, a straight one-mile road up and back, was divided down the middle, and riders moseyed, cruised, or zoomed up and back all day. For one rider, fifty-three laps sealed a 106-mile record of the day.

Another 200 attendees, including parents, leaders, and club cooks, provided tasty treats, including the ever-popular corn dog, cotton candy, pupusas, and potato tacos. Benji Ferguson, associate pastor of the Carmichael Church, stated, “I’ve been to many bike-a-thons, but this one definitely had the best food court! Riding bikes was fun too.”

Heinrich concluded, “Our Pathfinders rode more than a combined 7,000 miles in support of their clubs, which serve the youth of their respective churches and community. I am very proud of each rider, parent, leader, and club participating.”

* Comparative total miles ridden

Featured in Northern Lights, April 6, 2023