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Decade of Discipleship Results in Baptism

Decade of Discipleship Results in Baptism

Decade of Discipleship Results in Baptism 1890 1015 Ken Miller

Ken Eastburn was baptized at the Redwood Area Campmeeting. Committing to Christ before his church family was a solemn and extraordinary event. He is a gentle giant with a big heart, topped off by a dyed purple mohawk.

“Everybody at Redwood knows Ken!” exclaimed Dan Freedman, district pastor of Miranda and Fortuna churches. According to Eastwood, most campers know him as the “porta-potty guy,” a position that has become his perennial mission. A job that takes a servant’s heart!

Ken’s introduction to Redwood camp came as a worker invited by local members over ten years ago, parking his trailer behind the shop. He explained, “I became kind of a night watchman that first year.” From friends made at camp and attendance at the Ukiah church, he learned the Gospel message. Adventism particularly impressed him, how families are integrated with our schools and Pathfinder clubs.

Through continual discipleship over the years, Ken finally decided to be baptized. He recalled, “The Holy Spirit kept impressing me to go deeper in my relationship with God. So I told Pastor Freedman that he’d be baptizing me down at Redwood this year.”

Featured in Northern Lights, August 24, 2023