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5,700 NAD Teachers Unite in Phoenix

5,700 NAD Teachers Unite in Phoenix

5,700 NAD Teachers Unite in Phoenix 2000 1125 Ken Miller

August 8-10 found all NAD educators in one town, Phoenix. Greeted by triple-digit heat.

But that didn’t deter 5,700 teachers, administrators, and conference personnel from reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and committing to Adventist education’s vital work.

The four-day event happens every five years and combines a camp-meeting component while providing continuing education classes, educational guest speakers, breakout sessions, and a vendor convention. One teacher stated, “I love this event because it reinforces a unity between teachers, and I love being connected to a cause bigger than myself.”

Albert Miller, NCC education superintendent, remarked, “This event is not only for teachers to learn, unwind, and renew friendships. It’s also a venue to recruit new teachers to the NCC. We have the opportunity to meet with dozens of potential teachers for our territory. It’s an important tool to keep our schools filled with quality educators.”

Coreen Hicks, NCC associate superintenent, stated, “To be among other Adventist educators was a reminder that our NCC teachers are just a small part of a greater team, one that spans coast-to-coast, preparing for 180 days of evangelism, teaching, and connecting our students to an abundant life in Jesus.”

Featured in Northern Lights, August 24, 2023