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Pitch It and They Will Come

Pitch It and They Will Come

Pitch It and They Will Come 2000 1125 Ken Miller

2,300. That is correct. Two thousand three hundred visitors recently made the pilgrimage to Pleasant Hill church to experience a life-sized replica of the Mosaic temple.

People of all ages were treated to a life-size re-creation of Israel’s wilderness temple, complete with an outer court, altar, tent, temple furniture, and a replica of the Ark of the Covenant in the most holy place. Mitch Williams, pastor, explained, “Our goal was to have an attractive and thought-provoking event to create tangible leads for our ministry teams. We were very proactive with our invitations, heavily relying on social media, where we filmed and posted videos promoting the attraction. We even sent personal invitations to other churches and synagogues within a thirty-mile radius; we cast a big net.”

Visitors remarked that it was beautiful to see the actual size and scope of the Tabernacle.

Many guests returned comment cards requesting more information about the church’s ministries including, personal finance classes, Bible studies, cooking classes. Church members are calling each person interested in learning more about an abundant life in Jesus. Williams was very excited that a new student would be attending Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy because of this event.

Williams concluded, “This event was epic for gaining traction in such a busy community. We are so pleased with how many people were on our church grounds and the interactions we were able to have with them. God magnified the social media success and invitations and blessed our event. Now the real discipleship work begins.”

Featured in Northern Lights, August 24, 2023