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Ruben Vargas Installed

Ruben Vargas Installed

Ruben Vargas Installed 575 677 Ken Miller

April 22- Ruben Vargas was installed as district pastor at the Napa and St. Helena Spanish Churches, and this weekend he will be installed at the Sonoma Spanish Company.

Recently, Vargas was pastor of the Tracy Spanish Church. He said about his move, “As I enter this new church district, my goal during the first few months can be summarized in one word: ‘Learn.’ I am community relevant and strive to learn a congregation’s history through fellowship with the members. I work to come alongside current projects and observe the heartbeat of a church congregation. I want to assimilate their needs and know their strengths. I want to learn from God what He wants for His church and my family as He leads us.”

Paul Guevara, Hispanic ministries coordinator, stated, “Pastor Ruben’s set of gifts and skills make him an ideal partner to work with his congregations in extending the Kingdom of God in that area.”

Vargas shares life with Madeleine, his wife, and they were recently blessed by the arrival of their son, Jared Benjamin, in January.

Featured in Northern Lights, May 4, 2023