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Rosie Sanchez Joins Administrative Staff

Rosie Sanchez Joins Administrative Staff

Rosie Sanchez Joins Administrative Staff 1877 2326 Ken Miller

Rosie Sanchez recently joined the NCC offices. Sanchez is the new administrative assistant to Jose Marin, executive secretary.

After dedicating several years to family banking at Chase, Rosie found herself on a new and exciting path. Her prayers for a community that shared her deep commitment to Biblical principles and Christian values were answered, leading her toward a more fulfilling personal life. She explains, “I didn’t study the Bible much during my time in another church, but that lack of knowledge made me feel a strong desire to learn more about God.”

To answer her heart’s desire, Emmanuel Escobar, a friend, and member of the Sacramento Spanish Church, began inviting her to Vespers on Friday nights.

There, Sanchez found what she sought. A Bible-based community that she described by saying, “Not only were they friendly, but they engaged and surrounded me with love and care. This is exactly the desire God had put in my heart.”

Rosie was baptized on May 7, 2022. She reflects, “I now profoundly understand that my journey was in God’s hands, which gives me certainty in life. He has given me a church family, a new job serving Him, and assurance of His blessings.”

God had more blessings in store for Rosie. Emmanuel and Rosie’s connection grew stronger, and they will be married on May 28th, 2023.

Featured in Northern Lights, May 18, 2023