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Roseville Youth Motivate To Finish The Work

Roseville Youth Motivate To Finish The Work

Roseville Youth Motivate To Finish The Work 1954 1025 Ken Miller

“And so, in these days, the young men and young women of the Advent movement have been given an important part to act in the closing drama of earth’s history.” (E.G., White, MYP 7.1)

With the unwavering support and encouragement of their parents and leaders, the Roseville church’s youth group came together to organize a remarkable event called Mission Agape. The purpose of this event was to foster connections and build bridges with individuals of their generation. By taking this initiative, the youth group demonstrated their commitment and dedication to creating a positive, inclusive community that values genuine human connections.

One of the young leaders, Nicole Mann, explained, “I wanted to start Mission Agape because I saw how desperately young Christians needed to feel God’s love. Sometimes it seems the world is against Christians, and it’s easy to be swayed by the world’s current trends. I wanted youth and young adults to come to Mission Agape and feel comfortable worshiping God with other Christians just like them, who are just as passionate about their relationship with Christ.”

The parents helped find musicians and food preparers, while the youth leaders spread the word to reach beyond the usual churchgoers. Mann continued, “I was expecting 40 to 50 of my friends and maybe a few kids from our schools. But over 100 showed up!”

Kalini Fifita, an attendee, stated, “I loved Mission Agape because of its purpose: to spread God’s unconditional love to the youth of our generation. When I heard about what Mission Agape was and what its goal was, I was excited. I said yes immediately with two reasons in mind. The first reason was to bring the people of our generation closer to God through us, and the second was to bring me closer to Him, both of which were accomplished.”

The words and purpose of the Mission Agape event serve as a testament to the sincere dedication of young individuals toward seeking Jesus Christ. They are prepared to take the necessary leap of faith toward a life of positivity and fulfillment. Mann concluded, “The Roseville church is committed to keeping youth engaged and is working with us young people to reach our age group seeking community centered around Christ. Our first Mission was so successful we now have them scheduled for every third Sabbath evening.”

Featured in Northern Lights, June 22, 2023