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Ministering To The Least of These

Ministering To The Least of These

Ministering To The Least of These 2002 1125 Ken Miller

Embracing its commitment to being community-relevant, the Oakland Market Street Church recently hosted an impactful Prison Ministry Sabbath featuring Anthony Lewis, a pastor from Florida.

Lewis shared his journey from his role as an SDA conference conference departmental director to a decade-long prison term. During his incarceration, Lewis underwent a transformative shift. Mundane Sabbath School lessons became precious moments of spiritual connection, and he longed for visits, religious services, materials, and interaction. This was a great contrast to his former indifference.

His testimony underscores the importance of extending outreach to marginalized communities like those within the prison system. The NCC Prison Ministry Department seeks individuals who are passionate about serving this overlooked community. It offers opportunities for involvement, such as letter writing, supporting local families, and ministering within correctional facilities.

If you are interested in serving this community or are already involved in a prison ministry, please email the team here.

Featured in Northern Lights, March 28, 2024