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Pastors are CALLED!

Pastors are CALLED!

Pastors are CALLED! 432 400 nccsadmin

NCC pastors and their families recently joined thousands of ministers from the North American Division at the “CALLED” convention in Lexington, Kentucky.

CALLED is a “camp meeting” planned and focused specifically for pastors and their families.

According to Jose Marin, executive secretary of the NCC, “It is a powerful event for strengthening pastoral calls to ministry, and it provides a space to connect with friends in ministry and share stories and faith.”

A very meaningful presentation was the 30 years of service medallions where several NCC pastors received the honor including, Marc Woodson and Jim Lorenz.

Woodson said of the honor, “I’ve always seen this honor as the older guard getting rewarded, but now that I’m here it has a very special meaning.”

Featured in Northern Lights • July 7, 2022