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Building a Better Team

Building a Better Team

Building a Better Team 1200 623 nccsadmin

On our journey to organizational health, the NCC employees recently participated in two events that built teamwork and connections.

A team-building day at the NCC headquarters included games and exercises that encouraged problem solving, communication, and even good, ole competition for points.

According to Albert Miller, superintendent of schools, and director of the day’s events, “I think we all got to know each other a bit more, and made strides to better serve each other and the territory.”

The second event was a conference-wide picnic at Orangevale Elementary. Employees and their families were treated to excellent food prepared by Pathfinders and carnival style games for all.

Members of the NCC leadership team took turns in the dunk tank while kids AND coworkers took aim.

According to Marc Woodson, NCC president, “I was dunked so many times, I think it might have been rigged!”

Featured in Northern Lights • July 7, 2022