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July 21 – July 27, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 session of Redwood Area Camp Meeting!

This year promises to be an unforgettable experience, filled with new activities and familiar traditions to fill your heart. We can’t wait to see each and everyone of you, coming together to create cherished memories, deepen connections, and share in the spirit of togetherness.

Get ready for an exciting journey ahead as we embark on this year’s adventure at Redwood Area Camp Meeting!

About Redwood Area Camp

About Us

Redwood Area Campmeeting, located in southern Humboldt County, has been the delight of thousands of campers dating back to the 1950’s.  The first Seventh-day Adventist event was held at the Cookson Ranch along Redwood Creek.  It has been a long-cherished summer destination for those seeking solace and spiritual renewal.  When you come to the redwoods in late July, you will experience the luxury of fog-cooled mornings and hot afternoons, which might beckon you to the banks of the Eel River.

  • The classes held by the Northern California SDA Pastors are awe-inspiring.  Daily morning and evening meetings for attendees of all ages cover many topics.  For children, the pastors create elaborately themed stages where kids can learn of the abundant love of Jesus through singing, storytelling, praying, art, and socializing.  Some children come strictly to enjoy the social aspect.  We remember those days.  Even some of us mature folk enjoy that part the most. This campground is an excellent environment to allow kids a bit of old-fashioned independence where they can meet up with old and new friends while exploring the great gift of God’s nature.

    We aim to provide you and your friends and family an opportunity to meet God for the first time or refresh your relationship with Him through any of the meetings offered.  It’s also a peaceful place to renew your strength for your ministry.  Whatever your reason for traveling to California’s beautiful north coast, we pray you will be blessed.


Campmeeting 2024 dates
We are continuing the 7-day campmeeting
and the dates for Redwood Area Campmeeting is July 21-27, 2024

June 2024
July 2024
No event found!

Connect With Us / Reservations

Redwood Area Camp
2437 Dyerville Loop Road, Redcrest, CA 95569

  • Redwood Area Camp headquarters is your friendly hub for all questions and concerns!

  • Conveniently situated just west of the Pepperwood Pavilion, our Redwood Area Camp headquarters is your go-to for a seamless camp experience. We’re open every day from 9 am to 4 pm, ready to assist you at any time!

    Do you have an interesting story to share in our Daily Gazette? Are you a division leader looking for meal tickets for your crew? Have you been unsuccessful in dealing with noisy neighbors or finding lost items? Then, drop by for a chat or help of any kind.

    Our capable camp secretary, Jennie Shaw, is eager to assist you.Do you have an interest in becoming a volunteer? If so, please click on the ‘Volunteer’ link located at the top of the homepage. From there, click ‘Access Volunteer Information Here’ under the ‘Projects Calling You’ paragraph. This will take you to the NCCSDA website instructions and forms for the Live Scan and training page. Complete all forms, your Live Scan and training, and then contact Jennie Shaw at 530-591-2208 or email:redwoodareacamp.secretary@gmail.com 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are already a volunteer, please be sure to submit all forms and complete the Live Scan and training before the Camp Meeting begins. Thank you for all of your help and support!

    I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Nathan Renner

Nathan Renner- Lead Pastor
Madison Campus Church- Madison, Tennessee
Featured Speaker
July 21-25th

Nathan is an experienced lead pastor known for transformative sermons, empowering others, and energizing attitude. He is incredibly passionate about creating gospel-centered, Jesus-focused Seventh-day Adventist churches that embrace the call to make disciples.

After a period of atheism in his early 20s, he began following Jesus. Almost immediately, he attended Bible college, where he met his wife, Rebecca, who was also a new Christian. They began traveling and sharing the good news for several years before pastoring in Michigan and California, where Nathan completed seminary at La Sierra University.

Nathan spent his formative years in the natural wonder of the Black Hills of South Dakota. The beauty and ruggedness of that land fostered a lifelong love of the outdoors. He cultivates that love by rock climbing and chasing trout like he did as a child.

Stennett Nash

Stennett Nash–Pastor, Hayward Spanish SDA Church
Northern California Conference
Spanish Language Group
July 25-27th

Stennett Nash was born to Adventist parents in Nicaragua. He has been pursuing his passion for evangelism for 31 years. His greatest reward in life is to know he is being used by Christ in bringing souls to the foot of the cross. He preaches with passion as he feels there is someone in every congregation who is thirsting for the truth. Pastor Nash has served the Lord all around Central and South America as well as in Africa. While working in Northern California, he has worked part-time at Pleasant Hill. Now he is the head pastor at the Spanish Hayward Church. Pastor Nash will speak in the Spanish Division at the Redwood Area Camp meeting for the weekend. You certainly don’t want to miss his dynamic message.

Nathan Krause

Nathan Krause–Vice President for Ministry & Evangelism-
Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Featured Speaker
July 25-27th

Nathan L. Krause is the vice president for Ministry and evangelism for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Alvarado, Texas. He has a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Weimar College in Weimar, California, and a Master of Divinity from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Krause has traveled, studied, and served in over 30 countries on five continents, including the lands of the Bible and the Reformation. In 1992 and 1993, he had the privilege of living and studying in Jerusalem.

Krause has had many unique ministry opportunities, teaching God’s word in classrooms from kindergarten to college, prisons, churches of various denominations, synagogues, and mosques. God has blessed Krause with a precious family, and he finds immense joy in being Melissa’s husband and father to their young adult children, Daniel and Hannah.

Gary Venden

Gary Venden- Lead Pastor Glendale SDA Church
Arizona Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Featured Speaker July 22-27

In ministry for over 45 years, Gary Venden and his wife, Marilynn, have served at the Glendale church in Phoenix, Arizona, for the past 27 years.

After graduating from Pacific Union College in 1979, they interned in Southern California, and then spent four years “on the road” in evangelism with the North American Division and the Carolina Conference. They came to Northern California in 1984 and worked first as evangelists, then as pastors in San Anselmo, until they moved to Phoenix in 1997. They have been involved in every Redwood Campmeeting since 1989, both speaking and leading worship. Returning to Redwood each summer is something they look forward to with great joy and anticipation!

Division Leaders

Division 1 – (1-2 years old) – Opal Singer
Division 2 – (3-4 years old) – Tina Juarez and Carol Miller
Division 4 – (5-6 years old) – Coreena Blum

Primary – Eric Kablanow
Juniors – Zach Reiber
Earliteens – Tim McMillen
Youth – Jesse Malin
Young Adults – Vince Saunders
Hispanic Division – Paul Guevara
El Orador Principal en la Carpa Hispana – Stennett Nash
Pepperwood Mornings (8:30 AM) – Gary Venden
Pepperwood (10:30 AM and 7:00 PM) – Nathan Renner 7/21-25
Pepperwood (10:30 AM and 7:00 PM) – Nathan Krause 7/25-27

Other Leaders-

Youth Activities – Summer on the Run – Eddie Heinrich – TBA
Cafeteria Food and General Store – Chris Miller and the Fortuna Pathfinders
ABC Food and Book Sales – Salvador Alvarado


Make checks out to Redwood Area Camp and Mail to:
Redwood Area Camp
2437 Dyerville Loop Rd
Redcrest, CA 95569

Tithe Envelope or Online:

Tithe Envelope: Mark your envelope at church to designate Redwood Area Camp.
Give Securely Online: Click Here for Adventist Giving.
Add Redwood Area Camp to your personal giving envelope.
Check out this example from the Arcata/McKinleyville Church:

Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up now for Memorial Day Weekend 2024 Camp Cleanup!

Redwood Area Camp always has Volunteer Opportunities!

Maintaining a camp the size of ours is already a chore. Add the fact that it is in a flood plain of the Eel Riverand that fact is magnified ten-fold.

Each year, volunteer weekends are scheduled, and the mighty and faithful crews that come often find anything from downed trees, branches, mud deposits to plumbing and broken refrigeration units.

We invite you to join our efforts to keep your campground safe, inviting and in working order.

Click here for upcoming volunteer days and current needs.


Harry Salvini

Camp Director

Jennie Shaw

Camp Secretary

Becky Farfan


Camp Map

Camp Map 150 150 nccsadmin

Camp Map

Redwood Area Camp Site Map

Color map detailing the close-up images in the image gallery below it.

Camp Photos

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Redwood Area Camp Photos

Camp Rules

Camp Rules 150 150 nccsadmin

Redwood Area Camp Rules

  • Emergency phone number during camp meeting: 24 hours (707) 946-2452.

    For your safety, do not trespass on surrounding properties to the camp.

    Accidents and medical emergencies: Receive help from the Nurses’ Station adjacent to the Burger Bar or call 911.

    Fire extinguishers are required for every campsite. For fire prevention, eight feet must separate all camping vehicles and tents. Always keep all roadways clear

    Bicycles and ATVs are for staff and safety personnel only.

    Railroad tracks are off limits to everyone.

    Caution—camping comes with certain risks. At Redwood Camp Meeting we are invading an area normally occupied by everything from mountain lions to deer ticks. Please exercise caution while here. You can be exposed to diseases that you may not be at home. The local health department recommends that you check for ticks daily and do NOT swim in the river due to a high bacteria level. Do you know what poison oak looks like? It is all over the camp, so educate yourself!

  • Register all campers and guests staying in the campground at the Registration trailer. There is no extra fee for guests, just an eight-person maximum per site.

    Check-in by signing the check-in form at the Registration trailer upon arrival. Pre-registered campers with a completed application form can go through fast track. A roster (including only those who have checked in) will be posted in front of the Registration trailer to help you locate friends. In addition to locating campers, this trailer handles battery recharges. The pumper truck sign-ups are at the Registration trailer. Incoming mail is handled by camp Headquarters.

    Check out by turning in your parking permit to safety personnel at the gate or Registration trailer when your site is vacant.

    Campers arriving after 9:00 p.m. or during Sabbath hours are requested to do only the minimum camp set-up required. Please respect the Sabbath and your fellow campers.

    No show is when the check-in form is not signed. Two years of not signing the check-in form at the Registration trailer, and your site will be released to the camp for reassignment.

  • Registration for Redwood Camp Meeting is going on for 2024. Pick up a 2024 form from the Registration trailer, or download a registration pdf at www.redwoodareacamp.com.

    Keep your same full-time site next year by submitting a completed application and the fee to the Registration trailer on or before April 30, prior to the next camp. Same full-time campsites are assigned to the registered person who has rented the site full-time for at least two consecutive years. Part-time, electrical, and special needs sites are excluded.

    Can’t make it for a year and would like to maintain your same full-time site? Pay the fee, let us know you won’t be coming, and we will hold the site for you for that year.

    Non-renewed sites revert back to registration for reassignment. They may not be resold, transferred, sublet, or given to anyone else. As sites become available, we will be adjusting them for more uniform sizing. Campers are not to move or remove site numbers or posts.

    Moving during the year? Please let us know, so you won’t miss out on the reminder letter and application that we mail every spring. Bulk mail is not forwarded.

    Save time in line: Schedule and pay for your RV pumps when you pay next year’s registration fee. Just add the correct dollar amount to your fee, let us know the dates you would like your vehicle to be pumped, and we’ll take care of it from there.

  • There is a maximum of eight persons per site.

    Generators may be operated from 8:00-9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., and 5:00-7:00 p.m. Forest Service-approved spark arrestors and mufflers are required. There is a limit of 80 decibels per generator, or a muffling device is required. Please be courteous to your surrounding neighbors!

    Quiet time is from 10:00-11:00 p.m. and curfew is from 11:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. Children and teenagers are to be with an adult at these times.

    Radios, TVs, and musical instruments are to be played so your neighbors cannot hear them.

    Water hookups: If you wish to connect to a water faucet, you must bring a long hose and a “Y” connector. This is necessary so other campers can also have water.

    Two vehicles are permitted per site. Extra vehicles may be parked in the field. Do not park in the roadway or in any empty site. The speed limit in the camp is 5 m.p.h.

    Vehicle permits are to be displayed on the driver’s-side dash, and camping permits are to be attached to the tent or other camping devices at all times.

    If you plan to leave any camping equipment or RVs after camp meeting, you must clear that with Redwood Caretaker before the end of camp meeting. Leave a message at Headquarters. It costs the camp money to dispose of trash. Do NOT leave any trash behind after camp meeting. The camp will have to pay for it, which increases costs for everyone.

    Posts, numbers, trees, and shrubs are not to be moved, trimmed, or cut without prior camp
    administration authorization. (See Headquarters.)

    Rocks, holes, fences, and other objects that would make mowing difficult or dangerous must not be left in the campsites. These things get lost in the high grass and do serious damage to the equipment and are a safety risk to the operator! If found in your site, it will not be renewable, and a removal fee of $25 will be required before another site can be reserved

  • Hot showers are available! Please make a donation in the donation box located in each of the shower units.

    Shuttle rides are here! Enjoy a trip around the camp without the walk. The shuttle makes scheduled runs daily. Please give preference to the elderly and those with disabilities.

    Honey wagon: If you did not sign up on the application to dump your holding tanks, new signups will be handled at the Registration trailer: fee $25.

    Get a charge: RV, truck, and car batteries can be charged for a $5 fee. Sign up at the Registration trailer and leave batteries there; then pick them up at the Registration trailer after they have been charged. No batteries will be accepted for charging at the shop.

    Trash should be placed in the cans provided

    Lost & Found is located in the Volunteer Labor office at Headquarters. Anything left will be disposed of after 30 days.

    Internet connections are in the front of the Treasurer’s office next to the Store. Since each connection costs the camp money, contributions to camp expense would be appreciated. Instruction cards are posted. Ten-minute maximum.

  • What are your skills? Come by, fill out an application, and see if you can help now or in the future. Limited benefits provided. If you are interested, please contact the Volunteer Labor office located at Headquarters.

    Church Potlucks: If you are looking for fellowship with a particular group, check out the bulletin boards throughout the camp. This is also the place to post a notice concerning an event you are hosting.

    Teens and children are to be supervised at all times. A parent or adult guardian must be present in a site with children.

    Children attending Redwood and not accompanied by a parent must bring a signed medical release.

    Our neighbors love their privacy, children, and pets. Please drive slowly and carefully when going to and from your campsite.

  • Private sales, meetings, literature handouts, and bulletin board posts must have prior Northern California Conference authorization. (See a representative at the Conference booths.) Literature distribution and/or stopping cars in the State Park area or on public roads violates local and state laws. Rangers may ticket you for such activities. Besides, stopping or slowing traffic is not good manners as it inconveniences people who are not connected with our camp and can leave a bad impression of who we are.

    No lifeguard on duty! No swimming is allowed outside the designated area. Children are not to be near the river without adult supervision, and everyone is advised to AVOID swimming this year.

  • Any type of illegal activity is strictly prohibited. Any offenders will be asked to leave the campground immediately and/or reported to the authorities.

    Campfires: There are NO fires allowed at any time during camp.

    Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs (other than those prescribed by a physician) are not allowed on the campgrounds. If a violation occurs, the entire family unit will be required to leave.

    Foul language and disrespectful behavior may result in the entire family unit being required to leave.

    No weapons, firearms, or fireworks are allowed on the campground. This includes realistic-looking imitation weapons or any device firing a projectile such as paintball guns, etc. Possession of these items may result in confiscation and/or the family unit being required to leave the grounds.

    Notice: Registered sex offenders are not allowed on the campgrounds. If there is prior conviction of a sex offense, the offender will be requiredto leave. Furthermore, even if one has not been convicted of a sex offense but is deemed a significant enough risk, Redwood Camp Meeting will ask the individual to leave.

  • Electrical sites are given on a first-come, first-served basis to those with a medical need. Those with a doctor’s notice confirming the medical need for electricity will get first priority. After medical needs requiring electricity have been filled, we will fill other requests, again on a first-come, first-served basis. Electricity is only available in limited locations throughout the camp.

    Electricity is intended for medical equipment only! Lights and trickle battery chargers are the only other service that may be used. Electric outlets are 15 AMP usage, and they require only a regular household outdoor heavy-duty extension cord. Electrical service is not intended to run RVs, refrigerators, televisions, heaters, microwaves, hairdryers, crock-pots, or other cooking devices.

    Electrical sites Fees There is an extra charge of $5 per day for part time campers only or $50 for full-time campers, which is added to the current camp fee. Electrical sites are reserved one year at a time, and the same site is not guaranteed from year to year.

Pet Policy

Note that the pet policy will be updated for 2024.

We welcome your friendly pets to Redwood Camp Meeting. To ensure the safety, comfort, and well being of our fellow campers, considerate pet owners who wish to bring their pets with them to Redwood Camp Meeting must agree to the following.

  1. Do not bring or keep in the camp an aggressive pet or one that demonstrates aggressive behavior.
  2. Clean up after your pet.
  3. Keep pets in the designated areas of camp (except seeing-eye and other recognized service dogs).
  4. Keep dogs on a leash at all times.
  5. Do not allow your pet to disturb other campers with excessive noise at any time.
  6. Within four weeks prior to camp meeting, provide written proof of current rabies vaccination for all dogs.

For the sake of your fellow campers, please do not bring a pet to Redwood Camp Meeting if you feel that you will be unable to comply with these rules.

When, in the determination of camp Security, the above requirements are not being met, pet owners may be required to remove the pet from the campground.

Service Animals Campers who desire to bring their service animals to Redwood Camp Meeting will be asked whether the animal is needed because of a disability and, if so, what specific task or tasks the animal is specially trained to perform to mitigate the disability. Please note that animals whose function is to provide comfort or emotional support (therapy animals) do not qualify as service animals and to falsify the qualifications of a service animal is a criminal offense. Campers with approved service animals shall only occupy campsites in the designated pet areas of the camp, and only service animals that have been approved in advance by the camp may accompany their disabled owners outside of the pet-designated areas of the camp. Service animals not accompanying their disabled owners and all other animals must remain in the designated pet areas while on the grounds during camp meeting.


Volunteer 150 150 nccsadmin


California Assembly Bill 506 (AB506) requires that all NCC Regular Volunteers must be Live Scanned and complete Child Protection/Mandated Reporter Training. Regular Volunteers are defined as adults who have contact with minors and serve 16 hours or more in a month or 32 hours or more in a year.


Someone to create posters/inserts/ads

Ambassadors for your churches and areas willing to do the “boots on the ground” advertising for Redwood

Trees & Branches

Past project Memorial Day Clean up event.


New Restrooms – Need to replace the “courtesy wall” at the new restrooms, men’s side.

Need to pressure wash the bricks at the new restrooms.

Before end of June – all high weeds need to be mowed down.

Basketball Courts – need weed eating around and under bleachers.


These projects require an electrician:

Dogpatch needs electrical pulled in and set up for pet owners that require electrical for medical needs.

Need to go through the camp and identify what outlets need to be replaced due to water corrosion.


This has a team lead and most repairs have been done already, but mechanical needs always arise.

Toyota Forklift not running.


Dogpatch – spigots are compromised – need to be replaced with standard PVC alternative.

We know of water leaks, but they won’t be addressed until the rains stop and the ground allows us to find them (Water is off on most of the camp)

We need to go through and identify/fix the broken spigots that cows have broken before we turn the water on in May.

Road Signs and CampSite ID Markers

This project has a team lead already but could people to scope out and document


Resources 150 150 nccsadmin

Things To Do / Resources

Need something fixed? Laundry? Groceries?

Tourist Maps

What to Do Around Town


Amenities 150 150 nccsadmin


Open at 8:00 AM for continental breakfast. Cereal, eggs, drink, etc. Cash or Credit Card.

12:00-1:30 PM burger bar menu – veggie burgers, vege corn dogs, onion rings, drinks, and desserts. Cash or Credit Card

5:00-6:30 PM burger bar menu + salads possible. Cash or Credit Card

Closed Sabbath. NCC sponsored all-camp potluck immediately following church service.

ABC Store

To order from the NCC ABC in Roseville, CA, and have your order delivered during camp in July. Visit the ABC website, determine your order, then either call (916) 486-7730 or email Sal Alvarado at sacramento.abc@nccsda.com. Once it’s paid, they will bring it to the camp.

NOTE: Ordering online is not the same thing as making the phone call or emailing. If you order online, your order will be processed as a regular web order. You could, of course, use the camp address for the delivery, but that’s not the same thing. We don’t recommend drop shipping to the camp.

Redwood Camp Meeting Hours:
Sunday, 11 AM – 4 PM
Monday, 11 AM – 4 PM
Tuesday, 11 AM – 4 PM
Wednesday, 11 AM – 4 PM
Thursday, 10 AM – 2 PM
Friday, 11 AM – 4 PM
Sabbath, Sunset to 10 PM

Camp Store

Camp store open from 8:00-9:30 AM, 1:00-5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Popular camp store items include:

• Block and crushed ice

• Toiletries and paper products

• A variety of ice-cream and treats

• Produce and dry-goods

• Basic camping and trailer supplies

Dorcas Thrift

We are thrilled to announce the return of the Dorcas Thrift Store at this year’s Redwood Area Camp Meeting!

The set up will be located where the old burger barn was and is completely free. We invite all to come and browse at your leisure. There’s no need to donate items to take what you need but feel free to contribute donated items in good repair that are no longer needed.

Common items such as blankets, jackets and knitted caps are needed as the nights can get chilly, but we will gladly accept any useful item. We hope that this service will enhance your camp experience by making sure your stay is comfortable.

Stay tuned for more details, and let’s unite in making this year’s camp truly exceptional.

Ministry Mall


Events 150 150 nccsadmin
Redwood Area Camp Meeting

Event Highlights

Bike Trek

Through the Avenue of the Giants

This tour of the Avenue of the Giants within Humboldt Redwoods State Park allows visitors to visit renowned groves while meandering along the avenue by bicycle.

With towering Redwood trees, slow speed limits for traffic, and minimal elevation gain, this tour is designed for participants interested in a stimulating ride through pristine Redwood forests.

With approximately 4 hrs to explore, we will ride at a pace of around 7-8mi/hour and have time for a snack break at one of the old-growth groves along the Eel River and at the southern end of the trip (Williams Grove & Children’s Forest Trail at 7 miles or Stephen’s Grove at 13 miles for guests wanting a longer ride) before returning them back to our starting point.

Experienced local guides will guide this opportunity, and riders will have the option to ride the shorter ride to Williams Grove (15 total miles) or continue on to Stephens Grove (26 total miles).

Kids Arts & Craft

Our favorite NCC Youth Director, Eddie Heinrich will be sharing his summer on the run adventure, Monday thru Wednesday in the usual spot at the basketball courts. Come meet him and his crew, and give them your heartiest thank you for squeezing us into their tight summer schedule.

PUC Nursing CEUs

Pacific Union College Nursing Department will be offering eight one-hour CEU courses to Nurses and EMT’s.
Monday through Thursday 7/22-7/25

Presenter: PUC’s Jeff Joiner MSN,RN,CEN,WEMT
Associate Professor, Nursing & Health Sciences
Director, Emergency Services Program
Director, Health Sciences Program

MO – IFAK – How to choose and use your personal first aid kit.
TU – Wound Management in austere settings.
WE – Disaster Management Update – 2024.
TH – Emerging Disease Update – 2024.

Laurie Parson, DNP, RN-BC, CNE
Professor, PUC
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Will be presenting a separate four-part series titled:
“How to live the HEALTHIEST life.”

Nurses and EMT’s will receive one-hour credit of CEUs for each these courses.

Stay Tuned for final scheduling.

Special Guest Speakers


Reservations 150 150 nccsadmin
July 21 – July 27, 2024

Registration for the Upcoming 2024 Campmeeting Season is Now Open!

About Redwood Area Camp

Regarding Registration

Register all campers and guests staying in the campground at the Registration trailer. There is no extra fee for guests, just an eight-person maximum per site.

Check-In / Check-Out

Check-in by signing the check-in form at the Registration trailer upon arrival. Pre-registered campers with a completed application form can go through fast track. A roster (including only those who have checked in) will be posted in front of the Registration trailer to help you locate friends. In addition to locating campers, this trailer handles battery recharges. The pumper truck sign-ups are at the Registration trailer. Incoming mail is handled by camp Headquarters.

Check out by turning in your parking permit to safety personnel at the gate or Registration trailer when your site is vacant.


Campers arriving after 9:00 p.m. or during Sabbath hours are requested to do only the minimum camp set-up required. Please respect the Sabbath and your fellow campers.

No show is when the check-in form is not signed. Two years of not signing the check-in form at the Registration trailer, and your site will be released to the camp for reassignment.


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