Redwood Area Camp Meeting



Someone to create posters/inserts/ads

Ambassadors for your churches and areas willing to do the “boots on the ground” advertising for Redwood

Trees & Branches

A couple of trees are halfway down and need to be dropped (need experience). It would be best to use your own chainsaw that you are familiar with.

Anything 3” or larger needs to be cut into 16”-18” rounds. There is a splitter available if you want to split the rounds to make them easier to carry.

Anything less than 3” needs to be stacked into branch piles alongside the roads so that they can be picked up by the backhoe and put in the dump truck, then taken to the burn pile.

32 Huckleberry is down but not accessible yet.

In Dogpatch there are some trees and large shrubs that need to be cut back.

Berry has a tree that has pulled out of the ground that needs to be cut down.

Zones – like Youth, La Carpa, Abierta, Primary, need brush cleared to access to them


New Restrooms – Need to replace the “courtesy wall” at the new restrooms, men’s side.

Need to pressure wash the bricks at the new restrooms.

Before end of June – all high weeds need to be mowed down.

Basketball Courts – need weed eating around and under bleachers.


These projects require an electrician:

Dogpatch needs electrical pulled in and set up for pet owners that require electrical for medical needs.

Need to go through the camp and identify what outlets need to be replaced due to water corrosion.


This has a team lead and most repairs have been done already, but mechanical needs always arise.

Toyota Forklift not running.


Dogpatch – spigots are compromised – need to be replaced with standard PVC alternative.

We know of water leaks, but they won’t be addressed until the rains stop and the ground allows us to find them (Water is off on most of the camp)

We need to go through and identify/fix the broken spigots that cows have broken before we turn the water on in May.

Road Signs and CampSite ID Markers

This project has a team lead already but could people to scope out and document