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Mysterious Guest Anchors Sermon Point

Mysterious Guest Anchors Sermon Point

Mysterious Guest Anchors Sermon Point 877 957 Ken Miller

Cherise Gardner, pastor of the Chico Church, recently preached at the Nevada City First Baptist Church.

The request to speak was the result of church members from each church working together in a local hospice. Gardner stated, “My message was taken from Haggai, and how intentionally building on the foundation Jesus has started in our lives, He will bless us and build our house in return.”

A lady, not a member of the church, approached Gardner after the sermon and related how she had roots in Adventism and had felt impressed to come that day to hear Gardner speak. Gardner remembered, “This woman described how she had raised money for lights and insurance for a skateboard park when she was homeless.”

Gardner continued, “This woman poured all she had into her ministry while living out of her car just to provide a safer place for children to play.”

The irony of the day’s sermon topic was not lost on either Gardner or the woman when she revealed that since those leaner days, God had honored her and provided a home.

This kind soul was the personification of the sermon that day, that the Lord will continue to build on the foundation He has started in our lives.

Featured in Northern Lights, April 27, 2023